88888 posted:

Sammy Levi - Hurting On The Inside

First up, Sammy Levi - Hurting On The Inside. This one's cute, i dont listen to reggae so its nice to have some cute reggae posted to listen to, its all about falling in love again ("here i go again!") It does fade out though and i dont like fadeouts, sorry

liceo posted:

王菲 - 無常 MV 1996

THis is pretty soothing, with guitar at the beginning, and the synths that kick in at around the minute mark are just great. It has a video of the singer singing in a field of wheat so thats a big plus from me (i love wheeat) although it looks a bit like jeremies honda video from hit british tv show named peep show. Because of the language i do not know what the song is about

Acdtrux posted:

3​-​4​-​8 by Lonker See

ok this one is a bit different, its got heavier guitar sound, and theres some brass stuff (saxophone?) sounds like its deliberattly trying to be obnoxious. i dont know anything about music so im just going to say jazz or maybe experimental rock, its cool, thanks.

burritostan posted:

Jellyfish - The Ghost At #1 (VEVO)

another one with a video this time driving across the desert. its pop-y ghost rock (but not the band ghost!), its rock about ghosts. what a cool theme although its not spooky ghost, more like an amerikkkana pop-rock ghost, with dark psychadelic influences. these people probably did drugs (which are fine btw!) also the video throws a major curveball if hyou havent been paying attention to the lyrics and singing along, wow, i wont spoil it

tears posted:

Le Wanski - La Couleur Du Son

this ones one of mime, la couleur du son (that means the colour of sound if you dont speak french). its psychadelic hardtekno (mmaybe some acid/mentalcore feel) from france. I wont talk all that long about it but it sounds good on or off drugs if you like electronic beeps and boops though if you are time constrained 7 minutes for one song may seem like an eternity

toyot posted:

Les McCann & Eddie Harris Compared To What

this one is from, get this, 1969, people in the past named a whole year named after the sex number. if you like piano, saxophone, jazz, hating on amerikkka and 69ing you're going to love this from the album they made all about the swiss movement

lo posted:

jaakko vanhala - original violence

under 600 views on youtube is always a good sign, plus it has violence in the name. its harsh noise, like kicking back, relaxing and listening to merzbow (only noise person I know) - you can definitely tell this is good noise. it sometimes has this high skittering scream-sound which really clashes with the low distortion feedback fuzz. its good (especially on headphones) but im not going to put it in my favorites playlist

tears posted:

Billx & Dr. Peacock - Halibo

another one of mine - this time its frenchcore, the genre i love2hate. like any genre that becomes poopular in hardcore-trance-techno region of electronic music there will be a fork which trends towards ultra-cheesy which dr peacock is, its the dutch tutch, everything they touch turns to cheese (do not confuse with swiss movement, or in fact the midas touch)

88888 posted:

Gandy's Theme - Isaac Hayes

wow, say it again wow, this short song transported me away perfectly to the set of an LA 1970s detective drama, just great except for the sound of someone knocking on a door that always makes me jump

Populares posted:

Fortunate son - Creedence Clearwater Revival (A medieval cover)

its the COD:BLOPS war song but on a hurdy gurdy or some shit - its pretty cringe (sorry)

sissyfuss posted:

Soccer Mommy - bloodstream

this one is great, i love it, the vocals are sublime, just good sounding, with a nice building cresendo to break structure. apparently its indie rock, i dont listen to that but this post makes me appreciate it done well

tears music reviews Part 2

tears posted:

Candlemass - The Omega Circle

Another one of mine, if you dont like candlemass then there is one thing you can say for sure, its that you do not like the genre "epic doom metal" since candlemass do epic doom like they were born under the sign of the epic doom planet. it also has the orginal vocalist who magically reapeared (through the door to doom?) to do the vocals

tears posted:

Snake Pliskin theme - John carpenter

wow this person "tears" posted a lot. these are some of her favorite musics, by john carpenter, about snake pliskin, one of the most attractive movie people ever. the music is fire too

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:


this one has a video which starts with a mostly naked man putting on a beekeepers suit, he has nice abs so I guess this is a good start. the sound is floaty, with a deep hiss, i guess this is experimental hip-hop its got a nice lo-fi sound - it has been proven on the forum that i know less than nothing about hip-hop but i suspect this is probably good, its pretty soothing and the singer has a really nice voice

88888 posted:

Girl I'm On Your Side - The Bar-Kays

another excellent post from poster quintuple8, funky 70s music. the singer claims to be on my side ("girl im on your side") and i can believe it

tears posted:

Acid Bath - Dr Seuss is dead (live)

Acid bath are like, not on youtube, wow, you can get them on spotify though. when the kite string pops is one of my current favorite albums and classic southern sludge - its the sound of louisiana mud. this recording is dogshit and so i highly recommend it

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

MIKE - What's home?

this has got that trip-hop beat, really nice, lo-fi beats to post to. Its cute imo, but it just cuts out at 1:40, thats not long enough except for grindcore when its too long

trakfactri posted:

Assault On Precinct 13 Soundtrack

WOW, :heart_eyes_emoji: x 3 the music from 70s exploitation film assault on precinct 13 (the unlucky number)

filler posted:

Célia - David

In this song celia is singing about david, or perhaps david about celia, is she singing in portugese, idk? its bossa nova i think, it sounds dope and makes me want to dance, buuuut its short and it fades out so thats two negatives. everyone listening to this youtube came via a tiktok

toyot posted:

Boards of Canada - Spiro

this sounds like a live bootleg so its difficult to really appreciate it since i am not familiar with the canadan board duo. its sounds like it would be good if i didnt also feel like i was waiting at a bar to be served with my back to the band

Acdtrux posted:

Lay assunder - Somber realms

it sounds like an 80s horror movie, guess this is that whole synthwave-revival thing ive heard something about on my travels. cant say this track has convinced me all that much but i am willing to give another go

trakfactri posted:

She Past Away - Durdu Dünya

darkwave goth music is cool - its like the above song, but somehow better. in general being goth is a great way to make things cool which i think synth-wavers have failed at. the video for this is also very goth the lyrics are in turkish so idk what they are singing about, probably something goth

dizastar posted:

Lullaby · Wahab Madadi

this one is an afgan lullaby, acapella, beautiful voice, much sense of pathos, 2:15

Well, thats it for tears the music thread review, thanks for sharing all the music everyone. dont forget to share more music when you can


tears posted:

dont forget to share more music when you can

Dear tears,

Can do.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


tears posted:

In this song celia is singing about david, or perhaps david about celia, is she singing in portugese, idk? its bossa nova i think, it sounds dope and makes me want to dance, buuuut its short and it fades out so thats two negatives. everyone listening to this youtube came via a tiktok

here's some more bossa nova, a minute longer and doesn't fade out, hope you enjoy

as for me finding the song via tiktok: No Comment.


88888 posted:

tears posted:

dont forget to share more music when you can

Dear tears,

Can do.

nice to see that elevator music right out front


Also upvoting those Katy B videos
cheers to tears, for the reviews
Music Reviews Part 3

Bablu posted:

Pino Daniele - Je so' pazzo
Giovanni Block - Adda venì Baffone
Truzzi Broders - Addaveni'

a trio of italian songs, cool. one thing this thread does so well is introduce me to things i would never hear ever if it was just me, since the rule is i have to listen to everything. the real winner from this rule is me. the first track is a bouncy guitar tune that makes my head nod, its just nice and relaxing, liek a small coffee on a nice day - zero gimmicks

the third song is italian punk with stalin drinking a beer. need i say more? (no i need not)

tears posted:

WOlf Moon - Type O Negative

this next 1 is a personal favourite. those of you who have been reading along at home will know that i love goth now and the only thing better than goth is goth + metal (goth metal) by the blood group type O-. this is a song about cunnilingus during a woman's period which is a bold topic to make a song about and i respect that

88888 posted:

The Delinquents - Gotta Go (ft. Askari-X)

this hip-hop song from 1995 has the great chorus "a pig is a pig thats what i said, and the only good pig is a pig thats dead" i will let you in on a little secret here: "pig" is a secret code word for something else (they dont actually mean pigs at all!) but i wont do all the work, you will have to find out what this means for yourself

toyot posted:

The Fall - Free Range

post punk music where the singer has reverb on their voice and mumbles into the microphone. idk much about post punk (it comes after punk i think) but this is very british, if you hate british you will hate this song, if you can tolerate british and like post-punk and people mumbling lyrics you will be ok here. this one has a video but i didnt watch it except for the bit where you can see a ddr flag in their car

tears posted:

Saint Vitus - Psychopath

another song from yours truly, showing off my music tastes here. i love metal but i only just got back into it since my young years. this is classic doom metal, its sloooooow and doooooomy. its music for the end of the world, which is apt because the current season of irl has this cool last days of rome vibe going on right now and needs an equally cool soundtrack to go with

trakfactri posted:

DJ Reiz - I'm a Lady (Vocal Club Mix)
Vizionn - PHATSH!T

Track one i love it, it is about being a lady (i can relate) - its super cool trance, not annoying euphoric build and break trance but music that puts you in a trance with beautiful looped vocals. the bio describes it as eurodance and i can understand that since classic trance and italo/eurodisco are closely related but i still would call it trance. another thing i love is that i was the six hundred and sixty nineth viewer of this youtube. thats an experience you need to really stop what you are doing in your day and really think about

Track 2 is called fat-shit, which is the exact opposite of the sort of thing a lady should be doing according to the gender enforced norms of our society. i respect how user tractorfactor has chosen to juxtoposition these, demonstrating their understanding of the impossible situation women find themselves in. the only comment on the youtube is "this is outrageous" and i agree, it is. user trakfactri has good taste

liceo posted:

Archie Bell & The Drells - Tighten up
Edzayawa - Gondzin

offering the first from liceo at the altar to music is groovy as hell, nice bass, nice guitar, and the vocals just make you want to smile, its music for a beautiful summers day. it is too short and does fade out but ive forgiven the artists.

the second offering is soulful, brooding, experimental afro rock (ctrl-c from bio). what that means is that is sound dope and the cover aesthetics are nice. i am learning lots about music, theres too much music and not enough time alive to listen to it

swampman posted:


the british sundays, like the british saturdays, are named after one of the weekly days (sunday). this is the day to rest and enjoy music. I'm going to be honest here i dont like sundays because theyre the day before monday (bad) and i couldnt get this association out of my head. also the song is all about a phyrric victory over your ex

dizastar posted:

I Be So Glad... When The Sun Goes Down

Another beautiful piece of music from dizastar; i immediately went and looked up the whole quadruple album, it was a 4 hours and 34 minutes tour through the sounds of the south, just like the album name (sounds of the south)

kinch posted:

Teta Lando - pele escura.wmv

I had never heard of teta lando because I live in a gross an imperialist bubble. Thankfully forums poster kinch was there to introduce us to this sadly deceased Angolan musician and singer. Looking him up on Wikipedia it says the genre is “world” which is pretty fucking racist if you ask me!

lo posted:

Joji Yuasa - Document Of The Long White Line

No idea what is going on here amnd I respect that. Its “'Music For Experimental Films (1960-1974)” I am sadly ignorant of experimental films (including the period 1960-1974) but what I would say is that if you want to listen to thirteen minutes of instrument sounds then this is a good way to do it.

tears posted:

Windir - Journey To The Rave
Windir - Mørkets Fyrste (Performed By E-Head)

I sure do love to post music, so here are two (two) more from me. I was wondering if you could make black metal that was also trance-orientated since a lot of black metal is repetative and trance inducing. But definately not black(ened) industrial metal or something like metalstep (lol). These two tracks were the closests to my idea but the answer is basically that this idea I have had has not been done yet. This is a golden opportunity for anyone to use to make a new sound, please, feel free to use this idea

And that brings be to the end of the page. Nice music everyone, keep it up

not in it but +1d anyway because i want to encourage continued reviewposts and also that is the most objectively correct review of the fall i have ever seen
tears have you ever listened to carnivore, it was the band pete steele was in before type o negative. not really goth at all but they did also have a song about cunnilingus. the self titled is one of my favorite metal albums ever, its like a weird mashup of thrash and 80s metal influences. the second album is ok as well but more crossover thrash which isn't really my thing.
Playlist Review: Lockdown FM playlist by ghostpinballer

ghostpinballer posted:

i made this lockdown playlist, i update it frequently too so there is always something new on there. wish i'd remembered to post it sooner. hope it helps you get thru this shit comrades. mostly electronic/hip hop stuff with the odd curveball thrown in.


Oh wow oh wow a full playlist of music selected for the rhizzone reader, :hearts_in_eyes_emoji:

I’m going to say out front that this is a wonderful playlist, bar a couple of flat tracks which i think did not really fit all that well, and if you have 4 and a half hours you could do a lot worse than just sit and listen to all of this on your headphones. Imagine you’re on the way home on the London nightbus at 5am, on the comedown, that’s this playlist

For me the playlist starts out well immediately with the highly regarded trip-hop feel. There’s a lot of cohesion here, it is lofi beats to check coronavirus graphs to – downtempo, trip-hop, ambient, lo-fi some illbient, some dubstep, some vogue, some hip-hop, some house, but all with that strong downtempo vibe. im basically just saying words but im sure you get what I mean: lots of layered sounds to really dig into with your ears, to lean back and contemplate music

i think you get a real sense of the type of music which ghostpinballer likes – a lot of london music here, lot of london sounds, I expect they like burial for instance. And also a sense of the emotions which ghostpinballer is feeling in this plague year – that’s the best thing about a playlist, it’s a little look into someone’s head, expressed through music – it’s a bold move to share a playlist with strangers on the internet, so nice work ghostpinballer, thanks

Personal standouts:
Paranoid London- Light Tunnel. The vibe of this track was kinda counter to the floaty-ambient feeling of much of the playlist but I rep it hard, its almost got a stripped back horrorist vibe to it – creepy as hell imo; it does fit with the other stuff sound wise, but I still stands out if u no what I mean (I do not)

Skream – Blue Eyez, you can see the direction dubstep was rapidly going in with this 2006 classic, its interesting that this playlist also has rusko’s district line on it, from the 2010 album O.M.G.! because if you listen to woo boost from that album you can see how much influence Blue Eyez has on woo boost, which is very often the song people think of when they think of dubstep

Other standouts:
DjRUM - Blue Violet
For Tet - Baby
Yves Tumor – Gospel for a new century; damn I love this
Leon Vynehall - It's Just (House of Dupree); vogue and chill vibes
Ancestral Voices – Selva
Tirzah – Make it up

The only tracks I really didn’t like was that dj shadow/run the jewels one, its too cheesy for the rest of the playlist – doesn’t fit the nightbus vibe that the rest of the playlist has, and Little Simz - Boss, because the vocals were too harsh - its really jarred me out of the playlist vibe around the four hour mark. Also the bow church – Hunt, track, a more witch house style – I would not have included it if I wanted sound consistency in my playlist

Anyway, I really appreciate ghostpinballer taking the time to make and share this playlist with everyone


hey tears here is a playlist i made a couple months ago. maybe there will also be some things here u like! either way i should make a new one soon and i will share that too. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2jb4U3e2XJ78FhdKZZu5N5


tears posted:

Yves Tumor – Gospel for a new century; damn I love this

that whole album is v strong contender for my AOTY 2020


Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

hey tears here is a playlist i made a couple months ago. maybe there will also be some things here u like! either way i should make a new one soon and i will share that too. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2jb4U3e2XJ78FhdKZZu5N5

petrol youve just gone and made my day. im listening right now

Hey petrol, I liked this, nice length so I could listen to it all in one go, and a nice selection of music. This really clicked with me when I got to two early two back to back tracks 33EMYBW – Golem and Amnesia Scanner – AS A.W.O.L. those are some nice sounds, the latter with some super melodic glitchiness being the first one I had to re-listen to, <3.

If I had any suggestions for improvement of this playlist it would be to start out a bit stronger with the first track, maybe with Carla de Forno – Fever Walk, but that’s just me; and I didn’t really like HTRK – Ha, it just didn’t seem to work with the rest of the playlist

Standout tracks (for me)
Gabber Modus Operandi – Semeton 10 Ton; i love all hard styles so this was a nice a.m. dose of experimental mid-tempo gabber kicks to have alongside a cup of coffee (nice)
Yves Tumor – Noid; love this person
Sade – Tar Baby
Amnesia Scanner – AS A.W.O.L

thanks for sharing!
You give great notes tears. Glad you got a kick out of GMO, I thought you might. Probably worth checking out their whole album, the combination of traditional Indonesian sounds with gabber works great I think. Also fun fact, they're on the same label as 33EMYBW, a Shanghai label called svbkvlt, which releases a lot of interesting stuff (and 33EMYBW has a more recent album too you might like to check out, as well as the one Golem is from).

i will definitely make a new playlist soon! it's great to get feedback when sharing music!
i had an idea for a new genre that's a blending of triphop with one of the drone-heavy metals in the sludge/doom/post neighborhood

i think a good name for this hypothetical genre would be "Slab"
Tears music reviews - episode 4

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking

this is petrols music, let your head nod back and fourth to the sound of reggae, but not the byob reggae which you are all familiar with and listening to right now i am sure, but different, better reggae

filler posted:

Dave Soldier, Komar and Melamid - The Most Unwanted Song

This is 21 minutes and 59 seconds of the most unwanted music ever, made by polls, which just goes to show that polls are useless because this one’s a banger and the most unwanted song ever written is actually the star-spangled banner

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

Protomartyr - Processed By The Boys

another petrol music, I have never heard of protomartyr so no doubt I am being judged by you the reader for my lack of musical knowledge, and I don’t know what processed by the boys means either, but you don’t need to know that to appreciate post-punk with heavy guitar tone -this one grew on me I will be honest

dizastar posted:

Mercedes Sosa – Gracias a la vida

Even if this didn’t have beautiful vocals coupled with melancholy acoustic guitar it would be worth of for prompting me to learn a tiny bit about the Nueva cancion movement; it makes me feel very ignorant that I knew nothing about this before I listened to this song. When I got to the end of this song I quickly hit the back button and listened to it again.

88888 posted:

EWV - 8th-Ward Villains (We Bout It)

Ok I had to listen to 88888’s recommendation of ll cool j’s dear Yvette to really appreciate this (2 for 1 music post) – I do like the ha-esque sample that is used, but I can’t relate to 88888’s comment about bounce/bounce-adjacent producers because I am uneducated. one of these days I would like to do for rap what I did recently for metal: educate myself; but for now I remain tourist in the genre of rap, but unlike my former iteration I am meek and humble

trakfactri posted:

Bell Towers - My Love

All forms of electronic music are my favourite and this bell towers track is a pastiche of cheap disco pop. It sounds like it was made in the 80s but actually it was made in 2014, what a fucked up and cool world we live in. plus the vocal sample is beautiful

trakfactri posted:

Love De-Luxe - Here Comes That Sound Again

Here comes that sound again: Hand claps, female vocals, horn riffs, strings, you know it, its disco, and catchy disco too. Its almost 9 minutes long which is long, but that’s nine minutes that you wont regret as you immerse yourself in uplifting and funky disco. Its got two women about to kiss on the front cover which is pretty rad for 1979. Apparently in the u$ they changed this to something more in line with amerikan values: the packaging for cigarettes

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

The Sabres of Paradise - Planet D (Portishead Remix)

Straight away it feels grim, post-industrial, boarded up shops, littered streets and flickering lights. This one sucked me right in from the first few seconds – absolutely haunting, though it feels too short, I just want to sink away into this feeling. Trip-hop fuzziness at its best. I wrote a whole review of a four-hour trip-hop themed playlist once, its in this thread.

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

Mogwai - Fear Satan (Surgeon Remix)

This one is remixed by a surgeon, or the surgeon, not sure how many there are, anyway, onto the review its mogwai, who annoy me for no discernible reason (life is strange) im never going to take the time to get into post-rock, I just cant be bothered when there is so much other music to listen to. Anyway, this song is just basically one long sound for almost six minutes, then a couple of other sounds at the end. perfect to examine your shoes to

88888 posted:

Osmar Milito - Planalto geral

This short track is great, from Brazilian musician Osmar Milito who I had never heard of but can tell has a lot of talent. This was the perfect ending to my reviewing spree, since it faded out and that’s about the only appropriate time to use a fade out, at the very end


Constantignoble posted:

i had an idea for a new genre that's a blending of triphop with one of the drone-heavy metals in the sludge/doom/post neighborhood

i think a good name for this hypothetical genre would be "Slab"

this is either a better idea than the one i've been working on (triphop with a postpunk sound palette) or it's actually the same basic idea approached from a slightly different angle. in any case i will be bold enough to say here now that i treated myself to a cheap sampler very recently and am slowly learning my way around it so if you want to try and actually make some Slab music with me then hit my PMs.

I've been trying to think what a combination of triphop and metal would sound like but it's difficult since triphop usually foregrounds the beats and metal has a lot of drone

looking through the music I have it might sound like this: -- this is more power industrial / industrial techno / noise-whatever, so replace the synths with reverb guitar in your mind.