I'm the eye of the tiger, lion, strong as a whatever something, something, and I something something ee ee lllse ee ee ee ee llse
so good. also a swedish band i like put out a new album: first aid kit. they do sort of generic folk-rock but they sort of poke at you by crowding too many words into a sentence or whatever. good times.
i also enjoy the music of Katy Perry and her collaborators and the game of baseball. i went to turner field this last week to watch the Marlins win and it was terrible.
"No more cramp for you" lol The Press
bros got a point. baseball ftw

Last night before the game, when the Jays were stretching, I saw a Navy man in full uniform try to get an autograph from a Jay. The guy ran right past the Navyman, never paid him the time of day.

Hey Pal, you should be getting the service man's autograph, not IGNORING the man! What a piece of trash. Its indicative of the way I feel about the entire Blue Jays organization!
Aarón Sánchez looks like the real deal, Fringus.

cancelled by Trump