Hey we should do some Dexter Ward shit and find Robespierres corpse and raise him up from his saltes to lead the post-crop failure revolution bc he was basically the best person in history

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it would take months or maybe years to move the means of production to a more temperate climate in order to prevent crop failures. in any case, millions will die of starvation. people will riot because of that, millions more will die. tens of millions will ultimately die. the state will become more authoritarian and ideology will probably shift towards social democrat or fascist, same meaning for different geographies

we literally don't have granaries in north america anymore, it would definitely take at least a couple years to rebuild any kind of resilience to fluctuations in crop yields, and we're probably headed into a period of low yields anyway so it's unlikely we can build grain supplies sufficient to see out more than a couple years of severe drought

do you know of any sort of crisis response plans dealing with this

i read those navy briefings on climate change but im curious if anyone at the state level is doing anything with these drought projections. what they would plan to do would be interesting, especially w/r/t people farming where you plan to

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