tHE arcHivE

REVEALED: The bourgeousie's shocking MASTER PLAN to turn us ALL into LICHEN
Who's doing it, what they're doing, and how you can stop them.
Dr Peter Bourne - Vietnam Concentration Camp Psychiatrist, MK-ULTRA Psychiatrist?
The truth is out there
American Norms and Institutions' trauma levels 'highest I've seen', says advocate
"True in a policy/loss of life sense. But"
Parks and Recreation As The Liberal Mind
"Whatever this is, it isn't politics."
I Come to Bury Liberalism, Not to Praise It
A critique of liberalism in international relations theory (and in general) by way of a shitty article in Foreign Affairs
Soviet Strategy in the Great Patriotic War
Sorting out common misconceptions about Soviet strategy in WW2
E'er the Thieves Will Out With Their Nookie
Look into these eyes
Making War Over a Worm
We need to intervene. I am a good person, this needs to stop. Oh my god, worms!
The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted
You will not be able to stay home, comrade.
The Pro-Cop March on Washington
The men abusing women have names and badge numbers
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