tHE arcHivE

Notes on the end of the cycle 1: the fall armyworm
when you lock up so much delicious energy behind pesticides and herbicides and selective breeding and genetic engineering you taunt the entire earth to throw its worst at you, terrifying monsters from our darkest nightmares
Lord'n'Bondsman on a Car Ride, Lord'n'Bondsman in the Bar & Grill
Party leadership has formed a paternalistic relationship to new rank-and-file members that they're unable to change or develop positively, leading to a macabre parody of Marxist politics in action.
A Crash Course in Marxist Economics
here's what tears did
Crime Does Pay
How the criminal legal system serves the needs of capital at the expense of the poorest members of society
Religion Never Killed Anyone
Sam Harris is wrong about everything
Bayer-Monsanto Merger
Living in the second great age of monopoly capital
Totalitarian British Regime Can't Feed Its Own People
state-controlled media in the isolated, nuclear-armed regime of hereditary ruler Elizabeth II forced to admit nationwide shortages of chicken meat
Into The Deep
The Drexciyan Mythocracy
Svalbard Global Seed Vault
The future is wow!
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