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Into The Deep
The Drexciyan Mythocracy
how to wake up from a reoccuring nightmare: a response
we are prohibited from investigating the future, but every second holds the potential for messianic emergence.
complicity with anonymous materials
reza negarestani begins cyclonopedia by suggesting he has an account on suicidegirls.com. to me, this is audacious - in both contemporary fiction and philosophy there seems to be a total hesitancy in addressing the basic details of how we, in the 21st century, live our lives.
cyclonopedia & protracted people's war
while following this book, or the conversation so far, a question may be beginning to appear in your darling heads - "well, blinkandwheeze, this is all very well and good. but how, if at all, does this pertain to the immortal science and shining path of marxism-leninism-mao tse tung thought?"
Soviet Architecture & Sunnah Dumpster Diving
the truth of all the degenerate failed modern ideologies are to be found in islam. dumpster diving: sunnah?