tHE arcHivE

I realize some people here may not know what Axios is
all these boojy dregs with supposedly ruined careers have hit their second wind as part of an interconnected CIA / bourgeois propaganda machine projected out through Twitter
Shadow-boxing with 'Red China' in 2021
Struggling with how to reckon with the sea of ghosts left over from our miserable rise into modernity, it's time to run into the bathroom and scream at my enemy in the mirror: Mao Zedong
Gilding the Golden Horsehoe
Housing as a commodity has suddenly been the economic engine in major parts of North America, and a brand new way for YOU to die in a snowbank.
Congratulations to Comrade Joseph
At long last, the rHizzonE can publish freely
Twin Cities Uprising: The Whole Damn System is Guilty As Hell
Burning buildings are much more in line with our media culture than the long, slow, and grinding work of committed and dedicated communists on the ground doing thankless tasks.
Reminder to Amerikans: Your Government Wants You to Die
Why pretend otherwise?
CG6's Top 20 Grindcore Releases Of 2019
About those ventilators for corona patients
or, let's look at government procurement
Notes on the end of the cycle 1: the fall armyworm
when you lock up so much delicious energy behind pesticides and herbicides and selective breeding and genetic engineering you taunt the entire earth to throw its worst at you, terrifying monsters from our darkest nightmares
Lord'n'Bondsman on a Car Ride, Lord'n'Bondsman in the Bar & Grill
Party leadership has formed a paternalistic relationship to new rank-and-file members that they're unable to change or develop positively, leading to a macabre parody of Marxist politics in action.
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