Rebecca Macatee, E! News posted:

Who knew Miley Cyrus and Borat had similar taste in swimwear?!

Well, the all-American pop star and Kazakh TV personality (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) both look pretty magnificent in those monokinis.

In the cover art for her new single "We Can't Stop ," 20-year-old Miley shows off her svelte figure and sexy cleavage in a plunging black number. She paired this little number with a few gold chains, bracelets, rings and not much else!

But Borat, who might've just started the trend with his movie back in 2004, also looks pretty good in his neon green "mankini. He completes his look with sunglasses, a wristwatch, socks and dress shoes and a near-sweater of chest hair.

They both look "very niiice," but in the end, we're gonna say Miley wore it better. Sorry, B.

Yum Yum Very Nice

miley rules.

getfiscal posted:

miley rules.

It's not the same outfit, the lady is clasping her outfit in an odd fashion, thereby creating the illusion that they are wearing similar swimwear.
thanks grumblefish. the article in the OP is a clear example of the foul mistakes that happen when the common sort don't leave fashion journalism to their clear betters.