There is ample evidence to suggest that the publicity surrounding the killing of al-Awlaki has greatly exaggerated his political importance and is an attempt to cover up the declining influence of the US in the Islamic world. The State Department’s declaration of a major victory serves to exaggerate US military capacity to defeat its adversaries. The assassination serves to justify Obama’s arbitrary use of death squads to execute overseas US critics and adversaries by executive fiat denying the accused elementary judicial protections.

. . .

We seriously understate our “Obama problem” if we think of this ordered killing merely as an isolated murder of a “jihadist” in strife torn Yemen … Obama’s murder of Awlaki has profound, long term significance because it puts political assassinations at the center of US foreign and domestic policy. As Secretary of Defense Panetta states, “eliminating home grown terrorists” is at the core of our “internal security”.


I'm having trouble getting all upset about this incident I guess because I don't really see it as any sort of break from the norm.

yeah this is only actually shocking if you buy into the self-image of liberal democracy but even so its a significant break from judiciary proceduralism for the government to assassinate one of its own citizens without even the pretext of police action. like even stalin held show-trials but the united states has basically dispensed with any consideration for its founding ideology
i was reading about how who gets assassinated is determined by a "panel of high ranking government officials" and i wanted to ask people "do you really want 'high ranking government officials' deciding whether you live or die"
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discipline posted:
I had an argument with this guy on facebook today about this and it's really astonishing how the older I get the more I seem to live in a completely different world. he was arguing about how we used to bomb nazi strongholds with USA citizens inside and I was like yeah... but those were nazis... this is a guy who makes DVD box sets about the sahaba...

were the nazis really that bad?

But seriously, his argument only makes sense if we were bombing the nazi strongholds in order to kill americans? Really makes ya think.. heh heh

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be his friend, my friend
assassinate him
B-but he sent emails to a guy who shot people and they're both muslim obviously that means he's the overlord of the Al Qaeda shadow network