when i was younger i would buy the lotto tickets that are like a crossword puzzle but now i just do newspaper crossword puzzles
definitely not gonna buy any bitcointelpro
Please reread chapter 3 of Capital, Bitcoin can only go up. Buy now
The absolute best time to buy is right when everyone begins panic-selling. You are still paying the highest possible price for the BTC you get (good, inflates the price of BTC in the long term) and your immediate losses can only be eradicated by gains since there is a functional $0 floor on the price. I strongly suspect that Wall Street may soon allow stocks to have negative value as a means of protecting over-exposed short sellers
*sifting rich soil through my fingers* God’s own bitcoin
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dont care about the normal ones but that one for buying drugs called monero is good because you can buy drugs with it
i see that roseweird has deactivated her account. as such, i am going to reaffirm my upthread position that bitcoins are commodities — even if very, very stupid commodities

if she has a problem with that, she can rev up her chopper, charge back in and do glorious battle

doing my part to boost member retention

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i love bitcoin and just looking at my posts means you are investing in it

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i think it's important to be clear eyed about it and not just think it's something totally fake or hypothetical happening in some world that i don't have to care about

you absolutely don't have to care about it and you're probably dwelling on it because of unrelated things in your life that make you unhappy

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that's the guy who ran on anti-corruption, then fired the attorney general and a bunch of the supreme court to completely shut down their ongoing corruption investigations. and iirc had the military occupy the legislative assembly when there was resistance to a bill massively increasing spending on the military and cops.

IMF demands state healthcare service be auctioned as a Non Fungible Token
anyways this should probably prompt some people less lazy than me to dust off the old theory that bitcoin could be a CIA project
i want to thank all the comrades for incessantly mocking bitcoin back when it was like $.15, preventing me from becoming a millionaire and saving me from a life of bourgeois luxury

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I've come to see this thread as the best barometer of this site's depression levels as you curse and cry month after month for not winning big in Vegas

you had all of meltdown may I'm not hearing excuses.
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whats that? every amerikkkan with access to a small amount of capital is now getting into wild speculating? on stocks? silver? pokemon cards? computer tokens? and you say thats a bad thing?
comrade bitcoin doing more to destroy the labor aristocracy than the w€$t€rn "left"