So I'm toying with this notion that Israel and Saudi Arabia are attempting to clamp down on the Middle East for themselves and keep everyone else out, including the US. The US on the other hand is shifting gears and putting its weight behind NATO partner Turkey. The main pivot here is Iran, in which the US seen the light and realized that it should take a more neutral stance to Iran (the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan make more sense this way) than the outright hostile stance of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Turkey is the real military and sustainable economic force in the region, and its strategically smarter to play ball with them than to try to maintain the colonial chessboard.

Anyways I'm trying to develop this idea and one thing I need help with is the obvious analogy of the conservative axis of Austria-Hungary and Russia. I donno much about them so if anyone has a little knowledge on that please post about that.
I also don't know much so I can't help immediately but this seems like it'll be a fruitful approach and so I will be keeping it in mind as I read stuff and so on and so on.