I'm going to city with friends Saturday and I've been checking some websites to see if it would be better to go in the morning or at night. There's not much to do in the morning but it's cool at night, a little too cool actually as the websites are saying their may be night rain. Some of you might be thinking or even saying "Why not go on Sunday?" Well city is shut on Sunday for obvious (?) reasons, praise him.

Here are my favs;

http://www.skynews.com.au/weather/ (great name for a weather website hehe)

Anyway, I'm hoping some of the sites people will leave in this thread will have a dry forecast for Saturday night, I'm crossing two fingers!
i rarely go outside, knowing the temperature is of no consequence to me
I didn't make any weekend plans with people and will probably spend it lazying about, watching TV and movies on my computer, reading at nearby restaurants or cafes, working, going for walks, writing clever things online, and of course drinking alone. I expect it to be thoroughly enjoyable as usual
I read movie. Lacan. high of 110 today
fox news comments
update: went to city saturday night and it was super awesome. it only rained a little but i was inside several buildings but not at the same time so it didn't matter ugh something i should have known i wouldn;t have worried so much.

thanks to all the me who posted links
i'd approach this from what i suppose is an oblique perspective because i'm always in the city and when i go to a place i "go" from within the city. last weekend i went to a town and it was dry until it was cold. i mean it was still dry after it was cold but then it was different after it became cold. but then back to the city, not going but coming. i like when there is a lot of beer and the city is gentle.

I am very glad to hear you left your suburb to visit your local metropolis. You may think it is silly to worry about the weather, but in truth, in the city it often requires walking through rain or other meteorological irritations in order to get from place to place. Although it is far more condensed, walking tends to be far more common, unlike in the suburbs where parking lots are outside every establishment.
wow imagien vivian going to the city i bet sits like a cross between when they bring kin kong back to new york in a big cage on a boat and the opening credits from beverly hillbillies