Pharmaceutical recommendation thread.

Anti-Depressants: Waste of time, drink instead. If you can't drink contemplate suicide.
Amphetamines: Very good, would recommend if you're bored, have difficulty concentrating and/or depressed. Work much better than anti-depressants for depression.
Opioids: Good stuff, don't do too many or risk joining the ranks of the homeless.
Anti-nausea: waste of time unless you're chronically nausea and still may be a waste of time.
Benzos: Strongly recommend, work great for depression, mix well with amphetamines in creating balanced high.
pseudoephedrine hydrochloride:

i agree. sick of taking anti-depressants, hate drinking. meth or bust
Anti-depressants made me fat and also when I stopped doing them cold turkey I missed like a week of my own life (although that's kind of my bad)
do people actually have fun with gabapentin. ive been on this shit for a couple months and the most exciting thing about it is that when my prescription runs out i can't sleep for several days. its not even a very good painkiller as far as i can tell but im not a dr and i dont know shit abt how pain works

zhaoyao posted:

do people actually have fun with gabapentin

i don't think it's particularly recreational unless high doses, which is only a mild high that rapidly builds tolerance and leads to disruptive withdrawal. as you said, for broadly defined pain it's not even that useful, but if you've ever have the inside of your skull itch from shingles it may provide some relief.

this isn't medical advice; but the only other use i found is for emergency anti-drunkenness. it's not really sobriety but helps with physical drunkenness (staggering etc), which can be useful in some situations like dealing with a useless and uncooperative large friend that needs to be taken to safety.

an important caveat is that it will wear off before alcohol, so drinking more after having taken it will invariably lead to disaster or at least injury, as the tipping point back into increased blood-brain alcohol content is sudden and without warning.

edit: watch out for loss of memory retention/formation if you're on it long term. i imagine many elderly that are on this have their symptoms mistaken for alzheimers/dementia

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thanks for the advice :) where i live it's a controlled substance, i suppose less for its own abuse potential than for its ability to potentiate opioids? just spitballing. im working on gradually quitting it while trying avoid what has been for me, very nasty withdrawal. interesting to hear about the memory related side effects as i have been feeling like things haven't been sticking very well lately
Was on gabapentin for two years didn't do shit.
<<<<< my dog takes gabapentin and it enabled her to climb up stairs again