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as a kid I used to dream about new platforming strategies to make it through Donkey Kong Country levels

you could have tried handstanding when you needed to, or inflating yourself just like a balloon

once, in the borderland between sleep and consciousness, i explored agroprom from stalker shadow of chernobyl
phantasy star iv, on the sega genesis; i'm certain i was cruising around Motavia in some early-teenage dream
My wife has gotten really into Victoria 3. She makes me play it with her on the laptop before bed. It's unreal.
Play vicky 2 hpm mod instead. Vicky 3 is trash for badiots
I haven’t played either video game and so they are both the same. red salute to gay_swimmer’s wife.
UNREALTOURNAMENTWARRIOR is honestly so moe. One time, recently, i played Unreal Tournament for the first time. "This is for you, UNREALTOURNAMENTWARRIOR," I, Vivian, thought at that time. Then i got distracted and i think thats when i figured out that the reason i couldnt emulate PC engine CD games because i had neglected to get a BIOS?? Something like that. Anyway, its a beautiful story, and UNREALTOURNAMENTWARRIOR has done so many things to enrich my life now.
can you delete posts? i think i accidentally double posted. Sorry.

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can you delete posts? i think i accidentally double posted. Sorry.

there is an exploitable stealth edit window of ~1 minute after you submit the post, using the "Edit" link at lower right of your post to change it to something else and conceal the double post, but everyone here is at the mercy of no rollback netcode, which has left the competitive scene DOA


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best of luck posting out there.