Yes, this frantic magicker of 10 within a supermarket did indeed espouse neo-Nazi ideas whose non-substance crumpled his reason from within like a vacuum in a sealed tin can. Truly the young wyrdling must be mentally ill and also apolitical. Much we will ponder around the oaken table of Society how such a good kid, probably, went so victimized, we must assume.

More importantly, the Buffalo mini-mage's ideas were all forced upon him, forcefed to this tragic and misguided figure by the man who invented them, the dastard and original Nazi of history, Tucker Carlson (b. 1969), the precepts of embittered wizard supremacy springing fully formed from Carlson's brow and in no way indicting the Fourth Reich United $naKKKe$ government at large or its fascist proxies at home or abroad. Compare this Crackin' Good supermarket sweeper's ideas with those of Tucker Carlson, and you will see: both Carlson and the shooter are racist white AmeriKKKans; no doubt remains; A is the cause of B; a single line segment connecting two points; pure, ideal, sacrosanct.

So woe betide the sole and only moving hand of "Great Replacement" creaky KKKracker sewer brain, Tucker Carlson, whose besmirched name and tarnished reputation are, thankfully, already firewalled from those of the mainstream of both bourgeois United $nakkke$ political parties... o...v...e...r.... Carlson's insufficient support for rival, Congressionally-funded, Congressionally-armed neo-Nazis in Kiev. The Carl man's Rooskie-coddling, Nazi-vs.-Nazi envy provides a steadfast cordon around the two evildoers, TV guildmaster and his Buffalo apprentice—and past them, to the noble statesmen of the Washing Town, the contamination of blame and responsibility cannot spread. Further, there is no doubt that the shame and approbation heaped upon young Carl's Son will dissuade and destroy his following of similar disciples, none of whom are dead-end suicidal death cultists eager to cast a spell of their own.

Yea we have identified the source of the warlock's evil. It's this one guy on TV who everyone has already edged away from, who must now be treated as the sole focus of all wizarding conversations for the rest of year Annus Luciferi 2022. Huzzah to our rappin' Founding Fathers, Thank You Satan, And Hear From The Grandma.
seeing a lot of nonsense out there like this, and I need to stress, such misinformation does NOT do ANYTHING to stop the Hermetic-Trismegistan menace Tucker Carlson and his one-man reign of terror, further it is really hurtful to the feelings of the good Nazis pogroming the Roma in the streets of Slobby Ukrainey so we don't have to do it here

cars have you registered to vote? it's one thing to be upset but recently i've come around to the idea that we need to stand up & do something about the direction this country is headed
right now I'm prepping town hall questions for mister Carlson and Mister President Cheeto Drumpfkins about civility in politics, if I call them "sir" first I think i could get a nod in Miss Manners. Just in case though i've got a twelve line poem as a follow up.
Fucked up if true.
that really belongs in the funny pictures thread but if i posted it there i'd have to explain it
then they (pro-Putin Zionists)

this seems to be happening more and more, dont like it!
it's normalized now. my work orientation included what to do in case of certain emergency situations in a workplace and a wizard attack was currently at number 3.
workplace trainings seem to have switched over smoothly from "how to spot an Arab taking photographs of the fountain out front for his terror plot" to "how to spot a co-worker who's unhappy with no COLA this year and going to murder you". big TIME magazine "kudos" to the HR departments.
More like Fucker Fartson.
Tucker Carlson is the real "why not both?" synthesis of the logical conclusion of white Settlerism as an all-encompassing violent and hateful ideology couched in legal and "scientific" justifications being crystallized AND the son of a well-known intelligence agency propagandist; a man with very little actual charm or "looks"; a well-connected, old-money weirdo who became a massive media celebrity overnight after doing a quiet 180 on his on-screen persona; who has now been given status as bandleader to control the tempo of cultural fascist rhetoric saturation by intelligence agencies/CIA and told to dial it up and down as they see fit in order to scoop up more willful child murdering psychos to do free wet work for them. A lot of people seemingly act like you can only choose between "consequence" or "deliberate actor" when you're talking about people like Tucker who are clearly the outlandish, fat, pink face of a camarilla working in the newsroom. He is both a consequence of the diseased veneration of the so-called "middle-class" of boat dealers and property investors feeling the squeeze of the narrowing, unchecked upward transfer of wealth needing to sublimate their internalized violent outrage of this "denial of rights" (not being allowed to be the top 0.000001% of consumers) onto a subaltern AND the amplifier through which this signal is deliberately heightened. I don't think this is a huge stretch at all.

The real argument I have heard against this has been that the historical comparison of Gladio is really obnoxiously obtuse and doesn't fit the political reality of the modern US, which I totally agree with. However, I do think that because American politics requires this bizarre spectacle of being insincerely fearful of wielding executive power, or even governing, that the true role of an "oppositional" political force is simply just various media figures rather than the actual politicians-- all with their own bespoke, insane beliefs; or, even forgetting that, an actually effective popular oppositional political movement like the Eurocommunist parties in the Gladio comparison. I get that it's annoying to leap to conspiracy when this constant churn of violence can just be read as ostensibly ambient tragedy, but the only way it begins to make sense is to really appreciate how little human life is valued by the Amerikkkan state when it comes to new and inventive ways to find ways to kill the poor and oppressed. You can absolutely whip up Americans (both conservative and "liberal") into whole-heartedly accepting a truly outright and proud fascist strongman braying for technocratic genocide by making them fearful of an internal "rot" that needs to be stamped out-- conveniently in the form of sexual and racial minorities and the disabled-- if you can manage to make them believe there is a threat to the Settler status-quo of endlessly exploitative consumption or ownership. This is pretty much the bell Tucker rings every time he gets on air, and despite their insistence of being individual thinkers, every rotten facet of the RW turns its face towards Tucker when it comes time to reflect on their personal heartfelt beliefs.

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Tucker Carlson does appear to function as somebody's firewall for directed far-right activity. The entire mythology of Carlson (a literal sire of the U.S. security state) as an independent voice of and for the captured far right... it seems to serve that purpose, among others.

Matt Gaetz is a good example, a close, personal friend of Carlson who remained so even as Gaetz was revealed as a pedophile, a friend who Carlson advised and defended, a friend who suddenly... wasn't.

The U.S. far right were all rushing to Matt Gaetz's defense as their chosen pedophile in early 2021, until Carlson kneecapped him. They burned a lot of calories on it. By March this had become increasingly embarrassing and demoralizing, as far-right mouthpieces attempted frantically to do stuff like draw a distinction between Gaetz and Epstein using the age of their victims... who were the same age.

The far right had strayed onto shaky ground over Gaetz that made them feel as unstable as they were, like the idiots they'd been trained to be. Robbed of any vestiges of critical thought, with every avenue closed off to them but follower-brained sloganeering through internecine shame, even the angriest, dumbest assertions couldn't keep them from suspecting they'd been had. To more effectively use the far right for crank-brained messaging (ultimately to use them to discipline the growing and restless pandemic reserve labor army), rickety bridges like this one had to be burned.

Carlson brought Gaetz in in for an interview during March of 2021, one Gaetz reasonably assumed would be sympathetic. After all, Carlson was his friend. They often went to dinner together to talk public strategy for Gaetz as a pedophile under fire. But the entire purpose of the interview seemed to be the follow-up, which was Carlson loudly informing the rest of the press corps that Even Tucker Carlson Thinks Gaetz Is Bad News.

That generated a week or two of weirdly intense, semi-sympathetic coverage of Carlson by the rest of the Washington political press... and Carlson's statement was the ENTIRETY of the story. A Congressman had been proven to be a pedophile, but somehow, that WASN'T the topic. It wasn't even, "pedophile Gaetz gives another embarrassing interview," which was supposedly the topic per Carlson himself.

Instead, the story was, "Even Tucker Carlson, whom all of us in the D.C. cocktail set 'hated' yesterday, has a negative opinion of Matt Gaetz, so listen to Carlson." The whole basis for the story was Carlson as an appointed tastemaker for the far right, the mythos of the bloated, baby-headed, establishment-selected Carlson as an independent shot-caller. And clearly it was in the best interests of the far right to detach themselves from Gaetz, their favored and beloved pedophile—interests the far right themselves weren't bright enough to pursue, interests that they had to be pushed to pursue to preserve their usefulness.

Exactly a year later⁠—about a couple months ago⁠—Carlson invited Gaetz on again, apparently as a chance for reconciliation. Gaetz took the bait. He started telling a personal story about Tucker Carlson and himself, one that just repeated claims Carlson had spent months telling the far right were a key issue for all of them: the supposed FBI persecution of Carlson, and by extension, FBI persecution of his followers for their brave, cop-loving opinions (which is certainly an effective way to convince people they're not being guided by the U.S. security state, provided they're not very bright).

"FBI persecutes Tucker Carlson" is one of Carlson's favorite topics... Yet when Gaetz brought it up, Carlson told Gaetz that he had no idea what Gaetz was talking about, repeated that Gaetz was being "weird", all but spinning his finger next to his temple and making cuckoo-clock noises at Gaetz. Bridge freshly re-burned, Carlson's following inoculated, a booster shot for the effectiveness of the far right as security-state irregulars high on their own supply.

I'm again reminded of the gaggle of stumbling, jabbering far-right groups and media in interwar Germany, all the people who got all those long knives in the back when the Nazis took over, and how useful those groups were to the German bourgeoisie and their agents: secret police, the military, the quasi-monarchist Hohenzollern restorationists demanding the reestablishment of Germany's colonial empire, the undead White Army and the anti-USSR Western governments, and even the anti-communist European social democrats, how the ideal (and ultimately impossible) state of affairs for the Western bourgeoisie is to prolong that same situation indefinitely, a far right with a dozen flags and figureheads that can be pitted against whomever the top cops prefer.

Looking at Carlson's past and background, it's hard not to conclude that, at least part of the time, he's one of the channels by which the U.S. security state directs the otherwise stumbling and aimless mob of the far right.

tears posted:

main course:


but i guess since i can just go on wikipedia and it will tell me straight up that his father was director of VoA and USAI, then like, surely i am the last person in the whole world to know that tucker carlson is a spook. please tell me this is very common knowledge



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dont even have to reverse image search this one to know that tucker got owned by dave matthews here

look at that neck

chickeon posted:

look at that neck

ikr and you know this guy has new chin money. He chooses to look like a tapeworm, what zoologists call "an honest signal"

another victim of frogtech

cars posted:

if I call them "sir" first I think i could get a nod in Miss Manners. Just in case though i've got a twelve line poem as a follow up.


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dont even have to reverse image search this one to know that tucker got owned by dave matthews here

be that as it may, i have firsthand experience of d.m. complaining about the migrant caravan that has soured me on him. separately from the music, which is bad.

chicago dave matthews bus tourboat turd attack

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chicago dave matthews bus tourboat turd attack

i finally learned what this means

and now you can too

(the distant sound of a gong)

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chickeon posted:

chicago dave matthews bus tourboat turd attack

i finally learned what this means

and now you can too

Daley also expressed his belief that the dumping was "absolutely unacceptable", but that he believed the Dave Matthews Band was "a very good band".