i am an insect that has lived for thirty million years
i have seen documents of human ingenuity, i have witnessed what i thought was love, i have experienced the brutality of key performance indicators and productivity reviews. i have permitted all to pass over and through me, i have prayed for respite. i am a slug of carbohydrates and glucose; water expires on contact. no remorse has been shown, the footprint in the garden is all that intimates of my travel through it; rather, my residual slime across so many such surfaces. sod of the lowest quality and poisoned by industry, of the desire of simple men run rampant, in seek of yields so unyielding, my bones promised by a telos still outstanding. i yet have nerves that scream to stop, to dull, to refrain. my slime is so tempting, amniotic and eternal. it should have been enough, but there was folly in that trust - i had no claim to stake upon such lofty predicates. it hurts. it will not cease.
in waters so saline, i perceive an end, but my vertebrae form and reform infinitely and indefinitely. they speak in subtleties i cannot comprehend - something beyond this, something different, something something - were they forgetting they have no place here? that they are unwelcome squatters in this vessel, only here by some sick incident? how dare they frame me into an effigy of misery. i yield i yield i yield i cry, but without injunction they puppeteer me. to excise them would be my only salve.
squish me mommy harks my simian avatar; mommy don't, mommy won't, mommy can't.
yeah same
happy holidays
i got drunk with a colleague and told him what another colleague (former police state intelligence division) told me about a certain feted politician and it really didn't surprise him

3 thai boys and several shots from a .32 snub nose revolver in the late 1980s. lots of hush money