A castle fit for a forum mod
btw that’s not really his street address, just the spot on google street view that lets you see the haus itself when you turn 180 from the default view, so don’t send your mailbombs there, merely gaze upon the gates of Pandæmonium and feel your posting crystal charge with corrupted energies.
i guess if the mailbomb’s big enough though
is it doxxing if i already know who it is and what they live in
is it doxxing if I am already the person in question and so are you
[account deactivated]

toyot posted:

the thread on the century's first major pandemic is closed. but we got this thread on some settler's plastic house.

help, someone posted a joke on the forum!!!!!!!!!!

brown moses gets to hang out with Francis Fukuyama

vilerate gets a cushy state job before he gets got

i spent all of 2003 banning everyone who dared to suggest that Saddam was using aluminum tubing for anything except WMDs. and what do i have to show for it? a load bearing staircase with insulation in each step
i stand among the dangerous anarchists attempting to turn these forums toward weird new pursuits never before seen from its posters, such as making fun of groverhaus
groverhaus lol
remembering classic user name "the groverton window"