do you think this is a correct argument?
the graph on the left is trending up and the graph on the right is trending down, really makes you think
Is it from flipping the universe along the y axis? Don’t know why that would make it worth more, but seems like a lot of work to finish in just 300 years
are these dollar figures adjusted for inflation? if not the 1700 figure would be valued at around 10 trillion $, not nearly as big a jump as it seems. and are these universes adjusted for cosmic inflation?
extrapolating on this trend, we find that the universe may have been completely worthless as recently as 400 years ago
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"$aggregate low then vs $aggregate high now" is basically something every value theory will have its own explanation for; it's hard to consider this an argument (it seems more of a conversation starter than ender) if it could just as easily have been posted by someone promoting a subjective utility theory or whatever

who is the intended audience for this?
i dont think an image macro that just says that a number went up over time is an "argument"
seems pretty self-evident to me