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i don't have the hardware, time or inclination to do this, but if you're an attack on titans fan, then crazy frog syncs up well with season 4 episode 7 at 10:30 thereabouts
when eren murders everyone

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lets see if this stays up

they nuked it!

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well here it is https://files.catbox.moe/ruiqc6.mp4
i was in middle school and they decided to leave the TV on throughout the day so you could see burning towers out of the corner of your eye while they taught home economics or w/e

on the bus ride there, one of the kids turned to me gleefully and said the White House had been destroyed and i was like Woah
I was also in middle school and they sent us to the assembly hall without telling us what was going on. my friend said it was probably the world trade center again, and I had no idea what he was talking about
i woke up to it on the news and saw the 2nd tower get hit on tv. then i went to work where everyone was watching it on tv and then we got sent home early where we all got to watch it on tv.
Where was I on 9/11?

I sped it up and added a bunch of audio filters so if it gets deleted again they're doing it on purpose

twoenty years, and still remembering

I was looking for these all day and had to haul out an old backup drive

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