f. moo.

on 08/21/21 at approximately 6:00pm PST(about 50 minutes from now as i post) i will be listening live to this show: https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/BY

here's the link to the stream: http://stream0.wfmu.org/freeform-high.aac

join me, won't u and let's chat, i'm khd on the message boards, or we can chat here

if there are any other FMU heads out there, i propose we listen to an archive show at each others choosing each saturday night

in typing all of that out i know it will be a fail but i don't care

i almost got seven second delay (an FMU show) to change their name to 'abolish all private property'. damn, that would have been sweet.
I'm busy then but where are the message boards
i will post it when it happens in a few minutes

this is currently my fav show because they play karp
currently playing:

darth maul sextet
this is the jam:



best cover
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they so good, this is my saturday night jam
and they play karp :D
better cover
wao, dont sleep on these 4 sure:

look onto the rays of the new stoner sun rising

probably the closest we get to karp tonight, enjoy

bestest cover
cool, that was a little less lame then i thought it would be - thx for listening, mb i bump next week mb not
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karphead posted:

this is the jam:

they played the 33 rpm version, for those who missed it:

this was cool too

this was the banger tho: https://wfmu.org/listen.m3u?show=107099&archive=206261&starttime=1:39:26

that is the cut on yo butt
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