well that was a long & saucy six months but Joe Biden term is nearing its end and time to look to the future.

do you think trump will run again

lo posted:

do you think trump will run again

no, but he might waddle!!!!


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lo posted:

do you think trump will run again

no, but he might waddle!!!!

a tida; wave of left wing policies that threaten to wipe out all the progress that we made
Joe Biden took the kids out of cages and put them in temporary migrant child detention facilities. Vote Pence 2024 to put them back in cages!
trump could run again and maybe even win but pence will never be president or even vp again lmao
The tattered, faded Trump 2020 flag is taken down across amerikkkas occupied farmland homes. The white “Keep America Great” is barely noticeable against the faded blue background, but as a new flag is hoisted so behind the next stage of myth making. “TRUMP 2024 TAKE AMERICA BACK” flaps in the wind carrying the smell of industrial piles of pig shit. A new hope swells in the hearts of the most openly hateful.

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Sadly Trump will not be able to run in the 2024 election as he won the 2020 election by a landslide and is thus ineligible for a third term
it's entirely possible that someone runs
We should decide president based on a game of duck, duck, goose.

Populares posted:

We should decide president based on a game of duck, duck, goose.

Minnesota secedes and decides its president based on duck, duck, gray duck

"predictions" this far ahead are just idle fun of no consequence, like, most of the media's predictions in July 2001 would have put Joe Lieberman as the 2004 Democrat candidate.

my idle fun in July 2021 is to suggest that the best possible outcome for the establishment Republicans is, Trump dies of "coronary flatulence" before he can crank his bedside tank's oxygen levels up high enough to denounce Pence declaring himself "the Donald Trump candidate" at the 2024 convention. Pence will never go off the "intelligence community"/Congressional-party reservation if he becomes president, not even once. Everyone at the top of the party knew that from the very moment the Vice-President's office offered its full cooperation with the first impeachment trial, directly defying Trump's lawyers.

The bit at the end with the Electoral College vote was just the culmination of it, Pence has spent a LOT of his time trying to navigate a path that will make him indispensable in 2024 to Republicans trying to ride Trump's undead coattails while separating himself from the Trump team's most faux-rebellious actions. The only one who can remind the baked-ham-faced, senile-brained Republican target voter in 2024 that Pence isn't Trump's chosen... is Trump himself. Given the trend over the last couple decades to treat the first 100 days of the presidency as the first 100 days of the next campaign season, exacerbated greatly by Trump in January 2017... the party leaders must REALLY be crossing their fingers that Trump keels over into his mimosa tomorrow.

roll up roll up, place your bets, the royal alcoholic or the fake teetotaler...... who goes first...........................
those cups... thats what the libs meant by golden shower... ah...

somewhere in a filthy mite-ridden corner in hell epstein is selling bottled piss as an elixir of youth
the left wing case for trump 2k24, i can feel it