thinking of and imagining this poster, slouching toward Pdf forum to be born.
pressing fingers to my temples, drawing crystallized social labor into my OP-Being-Self, to break the coronal loops of the long-dark superstar accounts, and reconnect them.. manifest Gregular, be known to us.....
mods rename op Guntler Buntwich
considering Craigular... spelling's different, and, you know, it's a name, Craig, we've, We've seen and we've met some wonderful Craigs around there, across the great forums of Rhizzone. A Craig was, there's some Craigs I've known, but Greg has the spelling. Regular spelling. Gregular. You have to hand it to, to give it to Greg on that one.
a gregular joe
this whole idea is frediculous

招瑤 posted:

this whole idea is frediculous

you will bring a great darkness upon us.....