request to host a pdf to sayegh's "Zionist Colonialism in Palestine" on readmarxeveryday

link to pdf expires in 7 days
link to html expires in 7 days

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those files aren't the best and that's all that's online (afaik) so i am just going to transcribe the book over the next couple of days and upload and .rtf file for simplicity.
someone PM me and help me transcribe this by chapter
i'll put this up and html'ize it - you don't need to transcribe it

karphead posted:

i'll put this up and html'ize it - you don't need to transcribe it

cool, thank you. i am not good with the computer

i assigned cars chapter iv and haven't heard back so he's on his e-book jihad and typing a storm, damn he's going to be pissed when he sees the e-karp magic playing out
i'll work on this on and off thru the week, should have it up on the weekend
cars post itt when you're done typing up that chapter so i can throw you an upvote for your futile & unnecessary efforts
i'll upvote the website
it's fine lol. lmk if there is any other way I can help
update: i am still working on this

to whoever did the html and pdf translations in the links in the op, you really half-assed it
seriously, if you're putting up a marxist work that you want people to read i want to see more effort next time
edit; rude

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actually, i'm getting evicted so everything is on hold
"you know this is not your house," a p common line these days
i blew up at my landlord yesterday about replacing the toilet and they are kicking me out

i'll put up what i have tomorrow, aiming to have 3/4 of the text edited by then and after that i just need to stylize
you are a web-god