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lol okay There It Is i guess.

*opens publicly-funded Fresca with a perfect Heil Hitler* Mask off,
an israeli living somewhere illegally??? who could ve seen this coming
he just cant help himself
HT tpaine:

Some blameless unpleasantness at Shireen Abu Akleh's funeral—Tel Aviv notes that the brutally beaten pallbearers and mourners were singing a song the IDF doesn't like—but Western journalists have revealed in the after-credits scene that this very, very foreign reporter may have run at supersonic speeds into a bullet hanging in midair, just to force the Times to write unpleasant headlines about the Zionist entity, what a jerk!!
i remember Goatstein posting that giving the entire world digital cameras didn't prove that Bigfoot or UFOs were real, instead it proved that black people were right about the police, which a lot of white people had an even harder time believing. The same is true imo of IDF abuse of Palestinians, where the sort of sadistic attacks that even Noam Chomsky weren't sure happened are now recorded in digital HD for everyone to see.