The introduction in Settlers, we all know (and love) isn't the first one, it's very short. The first run of Settlers had a far longer one, one you were unable to find online for a long while. A friend at LOOP (Liberation of Oppressed People) finally transcribed it, and is available here:
I think everyone will find it very useful, marking in many ways goals, and also discusses the Asian NCM. (Also can this be added to readsettlers.org? I'll post about it in the thread, too.)
please link the scans to confirm the text is accurate. otherwise it's a bad idea to host it.

cars posted:

please link the scans to confirm the text is accurate. otherwise it's a bad idea to host it.


as i guessed, you are a goofball.
Imagine taking a request like that as a personal attack. I'm imagining it now and getting real mad. Wow. Fuck you guys
it seems a bit weird to read 'make sure the text is accurate' as 'make sure the text isn't a forgery'
This is an apocryphal introduction which is not divinely inspired but should be still read by faithful adherents

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This is an deuterocanonical introduction which is divinely inspired as decreed by the Council of Trent in 1546

oh those forum posters are so cruel to me, meanwhile i privately bought and now own part of a document that should be automatically distributed with every public library membership across the world
mods rename thread:

The Original Sin: Using Gold Coins to Hoard Important Knowledge
seems like it would be really easy to upload a scan of the original introduction's birth certificate OP
anyways OP I'm sorry that the cruel hazing practice of politely requesting proper sourcing of a document for archival purposes has prompted you to denounce us on twitter but we still really appreciate your efforts, thanks for dropping by and you're always welcome to come hang out and make some friends. here's some helpful food for thought, presented without judgement for you to consider:

One of the most common errors in thinking is taking things personally when they’re not connected to or caused by you at all.

You may be engaging in personalization when you blame yourself for circumstances that aren’t your fault, or are beyond your control.

Another example is when you incorrectly assume that you’ve been intentionally excluded or targeted.

Personalization has been associated with heightened anxiety and depression.

ok since there seems to be some form of misunderstanding (from what i can tell). i'm not the person who was linked there, albeit i'm an acquaintance of them, and so linked the introduction because he asked me to get it uploaded on readsettlers.org, and so felt it'd be useful to spread it here too. i do not feel "attacked" by this forum, because of some posts of which most are joke (i cannot speak for griffins). though i think it would have been enough if one person asked, but the screens have been provided, so the issue should be resolved.
it's just rowdy weekend posting for the sake of having something to banter about, no one's actually mad at ya. I had a good time and I hope you did too

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no one's actually mad


I'm calm as hell and I will continue to take it
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tell yr friend that there are two ways to look at the universe and then sever

j sakai s controversial book still causes leftist infighting i see
yeah if you're not a materialist
posting in ascii without scans is idealism
please fax me photocopies of the book so i can read it materially

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We are Marxists, and Marxism teaches that in our approach to a problem we should start from objective fax