Hong Kong’s NED/CIA-funded failed-fash “color revolution” dorks are assembling a Google Docs (lol) manual of their tactics & strategy. At the same time, they’re translating it into Burmese, I guess so they can try and export their failed approach to somewhere the Hong Kong creeps’ own experience, as a patiently tolerated globule of foreign-funded weirdos demanding recolonization by whitey, doesn’t even remotely apply. GL with that nerds

One odd thing that jumps out is, the manual in its current state describes a “tactic” of using stolen personal information to obtain bank loans. Which I mean..... that’s one way to grift.... but if you don’t want your gray-money-backed “activist” network to be perceived as a gang of criminals, hypothetically speaking—like if you were a silver-spoon, bow-tie-dweeb “movement” pitching yourselves as the Rule Of Law Respecters and you didnt want to offer the state a legitimate reason to round you up—then uh maybe don’t use your publicly available tactical manifesto to tell everyone your organizations are fronts for loan fraud.

personal highlights:

and two illuminating sections:

looks like someone forgot to press spacebar lol

sovnarkoman posted:

looks like someone forgot to press spacebar lol

must be one of those wily Cantonese puns again