They've been going hard on the free Epoch Times deliveries here, the US State Dept is really leaning in to making sure Canadians are ready to put their neighbors into internment camps to protect national security from insidious Chinese agents in the foreverwar.
CSIS (Canadian CIA) gave all the universities a free briefing to tell them the inscrutable oriental could spy on their online classes they're teaching to overseas Chinese students. we can't let the Chinese hear our professors
all sorts of stupid shit like that keeps getting published by CBC. presses going wild
more like the epic times hey-ooooo
boss gesturing me into his office for Discipline after I question the wisdom of distributing promotional copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion


drwhat posted:

all sorts of stupid shit like that keeps getting published by CBC. presses going wild

a day does not go by without similar nonsense from the ABC (the A stands for straya). Five eyes, we out here

A couple months ago there was a rumour in town that there was an 'anti-Chinese newspaper' coming out that the posties were refusing to deliver. I assumed it was gonna be really racist like that newspaper Dimitri the Lover used to publish that got banned by the Supreme Court so when the Epoch Times showed up at my house I was kinda disappointed.



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CSIS (Canadian ISIS)

Cracker ISIS
frome one of klanada's top journalist:

it has a fuckin picture of a freakng dog on it wtf

hey posted:

frome one of klanada's top journalist:

working on the National Post doesn't make you a journalist

klanadans arent human so that s understandable
so it turns out I've been having sex with my dog for the last few months. this is partly my own fault but I'm guessing this is common
thinking about the kinds of people i used to meet at the dog park before covid and i'm sickened but not really surprised
more like Failin' Gong am i right!!!

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

more like Failin' Gong am i right!!!

these really are epic times

thinking about tpaine getting really excited about the "fallin dong" and shedding a single tear
RIP to a fallen dong
hi dipshit420
I've noticed Canada has really turned up the heat on China lately, specifically genocide and the two michaels. I was interested in learning about michael^2, but I was having a hard time finding any information regarding those two boys, especially Kovrig.
Michael Kovrig worked for the International Crisis Group when he was arrested in China. The Crisis Group seems like a run-of-the-mill neoliberal think tank, with the board consisting of a hilarious who's who of neoliberal characters from Bush advisors to George Soros. And their research is pretty tames. Nothing seemed to stand out to me... Everything just felt like some New Global World Order shit. But they also recently received a substantial 4.7$MM grant from Charles Kock to fund a new project "the American Statecraft Program – including staff, events, and research activities aimed at better shaping and defining a more restraint-oriented foreign policy". So clearly they're up to something if they're working with someone as outlandishly ghoulish as Charlie

I wonder why China nabbed him specifically. I'm sure Chinas has a list of a hundred of dumb-ass canadians doing either illegal shit or spy shit they could use as a pawn. Was Kovrig up to no good? Or was he just an honest man caught up in a game of teaching kkklanada a lesson?

Or did China nab these two guys specifically because they wanted to say "the two michaels" like every western rag is doing right now?
Canada has a large anti-communist expat community & has been on the falun gong human organ harvesting kick for decades now
i wonder if the the canadian falun gong and ukranian nazi communities hang out sometimes, have a failson dissident pot luck or whatever
Canadian Poles go too

lo posted:

i wonder if the the canadian falun gong and ukranian nazi communities hang out sometimes, have a failson dissident pot luck or whatever

all of these expat fasc groups hate everyone else, each other and themselves. the only way they ever get anything done is by surfing on a wave of government cash while cops tenderly hold their hips steady from behind, they don't have the social ability to do it on their own.

left ukranian diaspora in my city (there's a lot of them) have told me at length about all the blood sweat and tears they put into building cultural community centers, documenting historical information, preserving stories, resisting the klassic kold subtle kkkanadian racism that abused them for decades, with absolutely no support, and then saw the children of nazis spring up overnight with six figure jobs chairing glitzy well funded Cultural Museums full of NATO propaganda.

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