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im still playing tetris and im trying to learn new techniques

i know you've explained this before, but could you re-explain where/how you play tetris? emulator or?

yes nes fceux emulator then ntsc nes tetris (pal has slightly different movement/speed)

note; i am simply saying which emulator i use. i think some nerds prefer other emulators and i havent tried enough to know whats best

this is under the assumption you want to play nes tetris specifically - there are popular free modern versions at sites like https://jstris.jezevec10.com/ and https://tetr.io/
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Rally 04 is a very good game.
i haven't played a rally game in a while, like probably over a decade, but i loved sega's rally series and the dirt series - what's the game to play now
have you played wrc 9 for the playstation 4 video gaming platform. i hear wrc is pretty good
no because that is a lousy acronym for a game, but i will czech it out, thx u
i odnt know how the stock market works or how i would buy a stock if i wanted one of that. its winter so mostly i want to be asleep.

they should make a game about sneaking beer and cigarettes to the zoo animals
when i was like 2 my godmother bought me 50 Stocks in some tech startup, to pay for my college. i learned about this when i turned 18 & she gave me the certificate. they're worth like 8 cents each and i don't know how to free myself of the moral burden they impose upon me

o i guess they're 33 cents now, haven't even checked in like ten years. rhizzone mtw stockbrokers please tell me how i can get my sixteen bucks, that's enough for a case of 18 natty light talls boys

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you'll have to open a brokerage account with the identical name as on the stock certificates (to make it easy), then you endorse them over to the broker, and send them the certificates by either mailing them or handing them over in person if they have a physical branch in your city. then you can sell them online and transfer the proceeds over to your checking account (or reinvest them into gamestop). capital gains tax on the profits for a long-term holding will be 0% if you make less than $40k/yr and 15% if you make $40-400k/yr. probably more trouble than its worth if it's still a penny stock and if there's any fee for doing any of the above it'll make it even more pointless.
mu suggestion is to use them for rolling paper to smoke weed. just don't blame me when the startup discovers the cure for cancer and starts trading at $1,000 a share.
thx for the advice its p much what i figured. i doubt they'll be curing cancer their big idea was signing documents -- but on the internet instead of in real life. or whatever the world wide web actually didn't exist yet then
you should accidentally turn your penny stocks into a worldwide corporate empire just like JR from the world famous hit novel JR(out this summer in a hot new edition from nyrb classics)
id rather accidentally turn them into some beers
baldurs gate update - i now play split screen with the game on one side and an excel spreadhseet on the other. could marx have predicted this?

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thx for the advice its p much what i figured. i doubt they'll be curing cancer their big idea was signing documents -- but on the internet instead of in real life. or whatever the world wide web actually didn't exist yet then

i guess ur godmother picked the wrong startup because docusign is trading at $232.89 right now. her heart was in the right place tho.

isign was founded in the eqrly 80s, they were doing the stylus + lcd screen signature thing you sometimes see at banks n such then got into the internet, got fucked up during the dotcom bust & didnt really make it big again before docusign came along and ate all their cake
about 7 years ago i took vow of cryptopoverty, having nearly got used to closely watching financial shenanigans without personal gain meant the gme pump&dump was easier to sit out also, particularly as i was broke.
i was following bitcoin shit from the start while lurking in somethingawful and didnt buy any bitcoins while it was at 10 cents because i didnt have money to buy anything including a somethingawful account rip
back then it was also relatively difficult to legitimately purchase bitcoin without going through some sort of shady exchange, which is what put me off on it the few times i looked into buying some when it was worth under a dollar. so probably if i had bought some back then i would've gotten them stolen in the mt. gox scam anyway
I didn't purchase bitcoin when it was affordable because it is both stupid and morally reprehensible.
i never engaged with it personally but back in the wild days i was tangentially involved for a while with an org that covered some of their operating costs with bitcoin shenanigans back when you could easily manipulate the price by just shouting into reddit that the price was crashing and freak people out so that it would. they lost it all to mt gox. easy come easy go.

should have gone with the safer, honest path of selling oxys
i do a lot of stupid and morally reprehensible things in the rat race known as capitalism tho, if we're gonna kill the earth anyway i woulda rather seen some rhizzoners buy apartments instead of seeing another libertarian nerd buy a mansion in puerto rico to set up mining rigs with subsidized electricity
it doesnt really matter who makes the money anyway. in fact the more randomly assigned are the superprofits from capitalism, the greater incentive etc blabla bla
praying to god that everyone who upvotes my posts gets RICH AS SHIT
dream thread is over there <--
a cool game would be if someone anesthetized me and when i woke up they'd insulated the walls in my bedroom

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been playing feudalism simulator 2.0, started in the 8th century as the tribal count of province in ireland with a really long name i can't pronounce, now im the cathar empress of brittania (alba, whatever) circa 1066 ad. recently conquered sunni scotland in a series of holy wars, next need to clean the iconoclastic norwegians out of essex, then all that'll be left is the rump of the welsh kingdom of brythoniaid which somehow managed to enter into a dynastic union with the crown of ghana

its 1200, the irish isles have been united for a couple generations. for about six generations the emperors and empresses have been culturally irish & ethnically songhoy. converted back to catholicism after getting tolerance high enough for penalty-free female rulers, just in time to avoid being a crusade target, there aren't a whole lot of other victims available; islam is extinct, iconoclasm dominates from scandanavia to persia- the byzantine empire stretches from the siberiam wastes to the indian ocean, through italy (besides the vatican) and northern africa, no one can touch them. out east its all hindu, in fact tibet has a large exclave in mesopotamia in between catholic arabia and byzantine persia. converting back from heresy gave me the chance to fuck up all my vassals and make almost all of them viceroyalties too. not sure what to work on next, don't really want to get involved in continental bullshit, carthagenensis and middle francia are p intimidating & control p much everything that isn't byzantine. maybe grab iceland from lithuania

started playing Yakuza 0 on Microsoft Xbox Presents: Game Pass: Ultimate Edition. spent half an hour just playing the in-game UFO catcher until I remembered oh yeah I’m mentally ill

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started playing Yakuza 0 on Microsoft Xbox Presents: Game Pass: Ultimate Edition. spent half an hour just playing the in-game UFO catcher until I remembered oh yeah I’m mentally ill

for like two years now i've been stuck right before the end of the game because instead of moving on to the final boss fight i just keep playing the minigame where you run a hostess bar

I ignored the hostess bar minigame but have also never moved on to the final boss fight because I just wanted to keep hanging out in the game world and yeah do crane game shit etc
so to continue the Nier discussion i was having with constantignoble in the old thread - I ended up playing through the first ending and the start of a 'second playthrough', which took about 25 hours without paying much attention to sidequests after the first little while (I got to 12% completion on those, obviously didn't finish most of the early ones before they became unavailable). really enjoyed it and glad to have a good feel for the original but i think now im gonna wait for the remake to drop in a couple months and then start fresh on a more completionist run. not actual completionist because i am not brainfucked in that particular way, but a bunch of the side stuff i ignored is clearly worth doing, so ill do it in the new one, and obviously get all the endings. i believe it's not gonna be 1:1 remake and will add some content but afaik none of the old stuff will be left out so i feel safe doing it this way.

a friend who has long tolerated my nier ravings asked me the other day if i was planning to play nier reincarnation, to which the answer is a hearty nope. not even yoko taro explicitly creating a new nier story will make me play some mobile gacha shit
Yakuza 0 is extremely ftw. i need to go back and finish it, or at least do as many goof-ass sidequests as i can

i finished FF7 recently (it was ok) and watched Advent Children (it was bad). debating Dragon Quest XI for my next jrpg but i might wait till it's on sale if AAA switch games ever go on sale
I did the monk solo Legacy of Bhaal + SCS run so now i'm redoing it but also no death/reload. not many can say they defeated sarevok on the hardest difficulty + mods without dying once. I can. I say it and I say it out loud everyday to people in my college class and all they do is prove people in college class can still be immature jerks.

i've been using table top simulator to play magic the gathering w/ friends lately. with the usermade mods that exist for it, you can find any deck online that looks fun (or whip up your own), then copy + paste your list into the program, and then scripting will spawn the whole deck for you.

mtg is one of the most fun competitive games, imo, but is totally ruined by the business model, which makes it super expensive to play with the actual, physical cards. talk about crapitalism. but anyway, once we realize communism, mtg will be unshackled from the commodity form, finally unleashing its potential as a game. until then, i'll play the bootleg virtual version

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i had a look at reddit and everyone there is talking about how this is "the endgame" and how everyone should hold on with "diamond hands 💎🙌". the one bet im willing to take is that we see at least one or two suicides in the near future as these lemmings watch their newfound millions evaporate


https://www.cbsnews.com/news/alex-kearns-robinhood-trader-suicide-wrongful-death-suit/ posted:

Twenty-year-old Alex Kearns took his own life last June mistakenly believing he'd lost nearly $750,000 in a risky bet on Robinhood, the stock-trading app where he started trading as a teenager.

His parents filed a lawsuit, first obtained by CBS News, on Monday accusing Robinhood of wrongful death, negligent infliction of emotional distress and unfair business practices.

I should've predicted the parents-suing-robinhood bit in retrospect, as the most amerikkkan addendum possible for this whole shitshow (I wish they'd sue reddit too)


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i think now im gonna wait for the remake to drop in a couple months and then start fresh

this makes sense. 360 is arcane at this point, probably worth waiting.

my only beef is that the remake is going to be nier: replicant instead of nier: gestalt, which means you get Hot Bro Nier instead of Sad Dad Nier. the field of sad dad protags has become oversaturated to the point of becoming fodder for middlebrow commentary, but nier always felt like the best of the lot, to me. plus IMO having nier relate to yonah as a parent plays well with some of the game's theming on transgenerational traumas and whatnot

(it also means they'll definitely have to redo the voicework, and whether it'll be as strong as the first go is anyone's guess)

The upside of that for me is that I'll surely get to just play with Japanese audio, which is always my preference and how I played Automata (and the recent Yakuza studio games that by all accounts have great English dubs). I have to say I was impressed by the quality of the Nier dub though, great work from all involved, it never bugged me the way dubs easily can