Anyway I agree with the OP & think it’s real bad to surrender the word β€œsocialism” because a Democrat United $naKKKe$ Senator told you to do it. Others may choose to be incredible wimps at their discretion
I generally try not to operate under assumptions, for this very reason actually
It’s the last time I’ll beat my wife, everyone in the press pool has my word on that
I'm under an assumption right now

shriekingviolet posted:

I'm under an assumption right now

I regret using my snipe to flamewar over an old conversation & further pledge not to dredge up bhpn's posts saying it's reactionary to criticize Axis Japan even though I thought of a really funny post I could make about them while I was typing this one. Let my unedited post gaze forever across the lone and level posting sands
while I'm here. Every time I see the name "Kurt Eichenwald" online I think of tears's Ozymandias post and laugh little a, as a treat. happens less and less these days ever since his public image was destroyed by that very post