Ultimately, scientists opted to abort the monkey fetuses due to “unforeseeable consequences,” according to the release.

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''unforeseeable consequences'' really ought to be elaborated upon, were these telepathic chimeras psychically manipulating the researchers or na
The evidence has been revealed that Aldo murdered Cornelius, Caesar's son

Apes: (chanting) Ape has killed ape.

Apes repeat the chanting for Aldo violating ape law, then march towards him
hope those monkeys are ok
They designed the Einstein of monkeys and became worried that they had designed the Hitler of monkeys. Basically the scientists are equating Hitler with history's smartest man who was also Jewish every time they abort a genius monkey. The most reactionary abortion that could possibly happen, and it's all because of our hard work as pro-choice advocates, which has normalized baby murder in "progressive" Chinese laboratories. Well I for one recant.
i doubt the researchers obtained informed consent from their research subjects and would not be opposed to letting bears eat them if that sentence were handed down in a court with appropriate jurisdiction
i lived bitch
the only ape that deserves to be aborted is george bush

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the only ape that deserves to be aborted is george bush

Cool. Now the Secret Service has mailed a subpoena to the rhizzone webmaster. Thanks, chucklefucks.

those monkeys need to be unaborted and given accounts
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I lead more of an amateur life.


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''unforeseeable consequences'' really ought to be elaborated upon,

that's my favorite Half-Life map

i don't know where else to post this, are there any catholics or excatholics or related cultists here? there tend to be pretty cool words and phrases for various rites rituals and sacred mysteries eg transubstantiation, the assumption of mary etc.
is there a special churchy word for getting sprinkled with holy water? just curious / asking for a friend
Holy Water is made from:

1/3 sea-water {river-water with sea-salt added will do if
sea-water is unavailable}; 1/3 river-water; 1/3 spring-water
{store bought is OK}.

Have a tape recorder with meditation music in the
bathroom with you, as its aid to visualization and
meditation is invaluable. [Be cautious to have the tape
recorder far away from any water and DO NOT TOUCH IT WHILE
I think the action might be called aspergillation. Good luck comrade
pretty close thanks comrade

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