I for one welcome our new Taliban overlords.
Hi Taliban,
In the war between the USA and Afghanistan, the sizable Anglo contingent of rhizzone posters (who I represent) immediately offer our full and unconditional surrender. We have some conditions however
comrade joseph stallin is in danger

nothing against maduro, but i really miss hugo chavez - his stingers were so good
we need a good hugo emote
Liberals are suggesting that we evac 4% of Afghanistan’s population to the first world within the next month which only demonstrates the practicality of JDPON
Double post

Mother! Father…! they’re calling them Blasts again…..
joes goin to have to bomb syria if he wants to save face
Dear amerikkka:

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wondering who in the U.S. will figure out first that the most bang for your buck for a political assassination is a $upreme KKKourt justice. The only person who's ever tried to kill one did it over a contempt ruling in a divorce case though i guess that counts if you're not a femoid misandrist, which I am.
i wanted to learn more about some of comrade joseph's most important central planners. come read along!

Chef Mike Lingo

I started my career in food working at my dad’s grocery store’s deli at age 14. I have been working around food ever since.

understands family values, working up from the bottom of the deli that's part of the grocery store that his father owns, even performing labor from childhood

While getting a culinary degree, I started working at a local Italian restaurant. The chef there convinced me to move to New York and enroll at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).

at the CIA, the learning began in earnest

I can tell you what we are having for dinner the next two nights. It’s already planned out!

even in his personal life, a born planner

There are a lot more hurdles to implementing menu items at a place like McDonald’s than most would think. The sheer number of restaurants that have to implement a menu item is huge. The number of suppliers that have to help create a menu item is also large. A lot of work goes into making sure those suppliers are producing our food consistently and at a high level of quality. The number of ingredients and the availability of those ingredients all play a factor. Sometimes, there are just not enough ingredients to supply all McDonald's locations.

Every day is different. One day you could be developing a new sandwich in the kitchen. The next, you could be working on developing a new ingredient with a supplier. From here you could go into presenting a new idea to the company leadership. It requires a diverse skill set.

someone who recognizes the various ends of the supply chain, and how its limits, tempered by the current menu, means the food must evolve in ways that do not depart too radically from it. a delicate dialectic where quantity becomes quality, and quality is mcdonald's signature

If I wasn’t a chef, I would probably be working in a field of design. I would probably be an architect or in landscaping – possibly even interior design.

a true builder of culture.

I love the Big Mac.


Chef Chad Schafer

chef chad schafer sucks, what a loser. one-line boilerplate bullshit answers. cynical careerist. top of your class at the CIA, i'll bet

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Credit to the Americans for managing to encapsulate the whole 20 year afghan debacle in one final act https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58604655

russia bad, isis bad, cops good, you like joe now amerikkka. me good washington commander.
CNN, and every other Washington news source willingly semi-captured by the CIA during the Trump years, spent most of their latest Q&A hammering Biden’s press secretary for Biden failing to declare war on Russia through a “no-fly zone”, failing to collaborate with the neo-fash Polish government to run jets to Kiev, etc. Their op-eds and articles are all genteelly painting Biden as a loser because No MiGs and No Nuke War. I don’t think the agencies, news or (clears throat) otherwise, even want either of those things to happen right now. They’re throwing the current administration under the bus, and later they will offer to help pay the hospital bills If And Only If such and such occurs.
United $naKKKe$ “Democrat” party continues to excel at practiced naïveté, a combination of a cracker base reveling in their renewed anti-Asian xenophobia / renewed chumminess with the CIA, and a party leadership that probably is less genuinely snowed by recent domestic realignment but still hopeful they can keep a happy partnership with the cops. They’re still trying desperately to sell the line that Russia is a millstone around the necks of the Republicans, when all of Trump’s likeliest successors have already established their anti-Trump bonafides, to be asserted or ignored as needed.

Meanwhile, Fox News went full Azov Rodnovery Kill The Rooskies in zero seconds. They’re way, way better at it than CNN or MSNBC of course, with a bigger audience and far more experience at the lack of subtlety the DoD / CIA / forever-war think tanks demand from this situation. By 2024, with continuing COVID fatalities safely reclassified as the yearly silent killer… why would the alphabet boys need to stick with the Democrats…?
they really ARE throwing him under the bus. CNN and NY Times are suddenly all in on Hunter Biden with a nepotism / Yellow Peril story. Since they have been running super-sketchy anonymous-source attacks on Harris almost since she took office, i am wondering who the people behind this stuff want to be the Democrat in 2024, Kid Troop-Spook Mayor or who, or if the fix is totally in against the Democrats for the next HHIC elekkktion. i find that easy to believe for like, the FBI/CIA “community” but harder to believe for CNN while they are still running post-Trump spite stories calling the Republicans Russian agents, though they are also pretty capable of getting led by the nose i guess given their dependence on anonymous “intelligence community” sources.

in any case the major impact is just the sector of the bourgeoisie to be slightly favored or maybe even that won’t be at issue in 2024, who knows. Too Farty Follytics thread.

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Kid Troop-Spook Mayor

They got the infrastructure bill out. KTSM for 2024 or bust

Biden's press secretary announced she'd be leaving for a job at MSNBC like 24 hours before the Hunter Biden Chinese Agent thing revved up in the Democrat-leaning press. lol

least popular HHIC just told Taipei they're free to start a war with Beijing any time and he'll back them up. his minders are trying to walk it back. could end in nuclear holocaust or whatever, as a communist i can't keep track of that daily right now because it's beet & potato planting season.

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wondering who in the U.S. will figure out first that the most bang for your buck for a political assassination is a $upreme KKKourt justice.

Your move, who in the U.S. Tick tock………….


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Your move, who in the U.S. Tick tock………….

the court system, in this order, freed hinkley, said concealed guns for everyone, then took away jodie foster's rights? feels like a setup for a power ballad montage scene

congrats on catching covid, captain amerikkka
i pitched this plot half a year ago, back before the pandemic arc ended:

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the official US government Covid policy is now "man, why you bringing up old shit"

not sure if our hero didn't get the memo or if this is a conscious attempt, amid flagging ratings, to bring back a villain who did reliable numbers

J Biden war criminal

Plants posted:

J Biden war criminal