On behalf of tHE rHizzonE's editorial board I am pleased to warmly welcome Comrade Joseph as our Dear Leader and announce previously undisclosed evidence that Comrade Joseph is actually a Maoist insurgent. This information comes from a previously undiscovered third Hunter Biden laptop as well as extensive anonymous interviews within the Maoist movement. Up until the election, we had to publicly take the line that presidential elections are a competition between two geriatric rapists to be the Head Hitler in Charge (HHIC), but now that it is official that he has won we can now proudly welcome Comrade Joe as well as detail some of the many ways that he has furthered the Maoist movement. I will show evidence that his actions and words lined up with the MIM after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the RU/RCP-USA before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Rather than detail Comrade Joe's long history of fighting to destroy the ameriKKKan empire from within, I will take on a couple major points detailing his commitment to an analysis of labor aristocracy, women's rights, and more.

1) Comrade Joe is heavily influenced by "Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat" by J. Sakai

In the third Hunter Biden laptop, Comrade Joe attached a grainy PDF of Settlers and sent it to his failson Hunter a total of 38 times. Additionally, Comrade Joseph has repeatedly demonstrated an advanced understanding of the labor aristocracy in speeches and public policy.

Understanding the delicate development of race and class in the United States, Comrade Joseph has consistently been in line with Comrade J. Sakai.

Well, what we’ve been saying all along is that “race” in modern capitalism was originally changed from an undefined difference into a disguise for “class”. Capitalism, after all, always prefers to restructure class differences in drag of some kind (all the better for their manipulations). Like Northern Ireland, where there is supposedly a “religious” or “ethnic” bloody conflict between Catholic Irish Republicans and Protestant Loyalists.

2) Comrade Joe supported the Maoist line to oppose the forced busing plan in New England in the 70s and 80s.

From Revolution:

The RU correctly analyzed what the bourgeoisie was trying to accomplish through its "busing plan," which was anything but bettering the condition of Black people or promoting real integration. The experience in the U.S. over the past few years has borne this out completely. The RU emphasized that the white workers were not enemies of the revolution, but had to be won to be a key component in it. The RU set out to find a middle ground ("break through the middle" was one of the slogans issued at the time) between the reactionary mobs and the liberal bourgeoisie and the Black bourgeois reformists on their payroll (or parrotting their line without pay) who were masquerading as the saviors of Black people and trying to direct the movement for equality against the white masses. It was because the RU refused to tail behind the bourgeoisie, refused to support the Boston busing plan, and refused to write off the white workers to the camp of reaction that it incurred the wrath of the.opportunists. And all the while, in fact, it was only the RU that was actually organizing in South Boston against the racist attacks on Black people.

Comrade Joe, as a secret agent of the RU infiltrating the Democratic Party, summarized the busing program as "the most racist concept you can come up with." While his comrades in the RU worked to destroy busing by building a mass movement, Comrade Joe worked within the halls of power to destroy it.

3) Comrade Joe utilizes a Marxist feminist analysis

In a landmark speech, Joe Biden announces that if men are smart they would become feminists. He continues to connect the relationship between capitalism and patriarchy in his analysis of Donald Trump, noting how Trump uses his wealth to commit sexual assault. The postmodern liberal feminists hate Comrade Joseph because he grounds his feminism in a materialist analysis:

Even though Comrade Joe privately broke with the RCP-USA after the fall of the Soviet Union according to my sources, the RCP-USA continues to offer critical support to Comrade Joe, especially in support of his Marxist feminist analysis.


It is beyond the scope of the current article, but this standard (#BelieveWomen) is also extremely harmful. Do you really want to live in a world where anyone, anywhere can have their reputation destroyed—and even their liberty extinguished—by an accusation, and without the necessary and rigorous process of determining the truth of the accusation? Think about the many lynchings of Black men in this country justified by such accusations, most of which were unproven.

4) Comrade Joe has consistently worked to destroy revisionism and create revolutionary conditions at home and abroad

On foreign policy, Comrade Joe has taken his orders from Comrade Bobby Avakian. From the classic text "Basic Principles for the Unity of Marxist-Leninists and for the Line of the International Communist Movement" (BPftUoM-LaftLotICM):

"If the present war rouses among the reactionary Christian Socialists, among the whimpering petty bourgeoisie, only horror and fright, only aversion to all use of arms, to bloodshed, death, etc., then we must say: capitalist society is always an endless horror. And if this most reactionary of all wars is now preparing a horrible end for that society, we have no reason to drop into despair." ("The War Programme of the Proletarian Revolution," in Lenin on War and Peace, Three Articles, p. 63, Peking 1966 English edition.)

It is with this orientation that communists must act (40) and educate and train the masses to act in the face of the current situation, particularly the growing danger of world war. In this way the maximum gains can be made and preparations carried out for the storms ahead, including the real possibility of the eruption of revolutionary situations in many countries, even some which today may seem relatively calm on the surface, before such a war breaks out. And if it is unleashed, this war will not itself represent the ending or mitigating of the crisis, but on the contrary the concentration of it on the highest level, and though it will almost certainly be even more destructive than the two previous world wars, it will also heighten further the possibilities for revolution

Comrade Joseph's foreign policy has been to constantly work to get the U.S military stuck in quagmires all over the world as well as work to weaken the revisionist government in China. It is only through this protracted imperialist war strategy that the U.S can be defeated. Comrade Joseph has also been active on developing revolutionary consciousness within the internal colonies of the US.

From the RCP-USA's New Programme:

Many of today’s prisoners have either committed no real crime, or are becoming genuinely “rehabilitated” by studying and grasping the nature of capitalist society and resolving to join the fight to bring it down. At the time of the insurrection, the class-conscious proletariat will not only unleash them and their burning desire to bring down capitalism but will rely on them as a key force in leading other prisoners to do the same. While the bourgeoisie accuses the prisoners and others of being “animals,” it is in fact the capitalist system’s inborn dog-eat-dog animalism that is responsible for the obvious “social decay” in society, and this will be abolished, through socialist revolution, as society’s guiding law and value.

5) Comrade Joseph upholds Marxist social values

From the same document above:

As for homosexuality, this too, is a product of the decay of capitalism, especially of the increasing ripping apart of the family, which is inevitably taking place under capitalist conditions, especially as it sinks into deeper crisis. In particular it stems from the distorted, oppressive man-woman relations capitalism promotes. Once the proletariat is in power, no one will be discriminated against in jobs, housing and the like merely on the basis of being a homosexual. But at the same time education will be conducted throughout society on the ideology behind homosexuality and its material roots in capitalist society, and struggle will be waged to eliminate it and reform homosexuals.

Joseph Biden has worked hard to uphold a materialist analysis of the gay question. He has pointed out that gay people are a security risk, voted to cut off funding for schools that taught acceptance of homosexuality as a lifestyle, voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, repeatedly reinforced that marriage is between a man and a woman, and said he did not support gay marriage in the 2008 presidential run.

With all that being said, I hope you will join me in welcoming Comrade Joseph as President, not as the HHIC. In his one term before he loses against Tucker Carlson in 2024, he will work diligently to smash the revisionists in China, send thousands of US troops abroad, and continue to sap the amerikan labor aristocracy of their tax dollars to fund imperialism and concentrate capital. As Comrade Bobby Avakian says, we will need a world war in order to create a revolutionary situation at home and abroad, and there is no better person to make this happen than Comrade Joe.

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Combat Malarky
By Comrade Josef Biden.

pogfan1996 posted:

In his one term before he loses against Tucker Carlson in 2024

no joke, they've been pushing for this recently

the "clever" fascist has arrived

do we do thread music? make that the thread music

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no joke, they've been pushing for this recently

the "clever" fascist has arrived

255,200,373 adults in the US according to census.gov. About 75 million of them voted for one geriatric ghoul, about 70 million of them voted for another geriatric ghoul, and the remaining 110 million people who make up the true majority voted for none of the above.

Tucker Carlson's problem is the same as every other would-be electoral hero's problem, whether they be a hero of left, right, or center. He thinks he can build a majority coalition of voters but the problem is people who are disgusted by all politicians are the majority. Also, a significant reason that a lot of them are that way outside of the places where Tucker Carlson grew up, are that way because of the evangelical base he's after. The average Joe's hatred of evangelicals is growing faster than their hatred of liberals.

Red Salute

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feels good to finally have a marxist in the white house
Comrades! We must not let the fascist, pro-diving-board-antics Corn Pop coterie take over the party direction!
Brothers, you have nothing to lose but your bike chains!
hey joe
where u going with the pentagon in yr hands

hey joe
i said where u going w the pentgon in you hands

im going down to shoot the old houthis
you know i caught em messin round w enemy iran

yeah im going down to shoot the old houthis
you know i caught em messing round w enemy iran
and that ain't too cool
I wonder how many people in the Trump administration realize how badly the justices they put on the Supreme Court want everyone to forget a jabroni like Trump had anything to do with making them unelected United $naKKKe$ dictators-for-life

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I wonder how many people in the Trump administration realize how badly the justices they put on the Supreme Court want everyone to forget a jabroni like Trump had anything to do with making them unelected United $naKKKe$ dictators-for-life

Lol at anyone who thought that the Supreme Court would destroy their credibility for a trumpian seizure of power at the cost of US federalism
We took the ruling to MTSU Political Science Professor and News4 Political Analyst Kent Syler.

"The Supreme Court action today really is a great victory for states' rights..." Syler said.
everyone on the United $naKKKe$ Supreme Court is of the opinion they pick the president every presidential election year, and that the easiest way for them to do it is just to decline to forbid the presumed winner from taking office. This is in one sense true and in another sense the Court does not tend to have a lot of AH-64 Apaches fueled up at any given moment
Shout out this MF selling merch at the inauguration
gonna subscribe to his onlyfans
There are early reports that Biden is planning on sending Trump and his supporters to Puerto Rico similar to how Chiang Kai Shek was exiled to Taiwan.

for anyone looking for an av change

Congratulations to the benevolent President Biden. All hail Biden, and his glorious new regime. Sincerely, little girl

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for anyone looking for an av change

i can't imagine a better way to celebrate our comrade's installation

Rumors that Joseph Biden is signing an executive order declaring the universality of protracted people’s war on his first day in office
Big ups to Comrade Joe for fighting against Venezuelan revisionism and social imperialism by refusing to recognize Maduro as the country’s leader.
If you look to the right of the inauguration stage on TV right now, you can see Mao’s force ghost standing to the side
I will not be watching the inauguration, and am praying that some spectacular and unexpected event will (redacted) everyone in attendance, nevertheless, I wish Joe Biden the best of luck with his presidency
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honestly I can really relate to QAnon people because I was also hoping for some truly insane shit to pop off at the noggy and am bummed it actually didn’t
just the usual insane shit (praying to the flag, crying in supplication to the flag, kissing the flag, singing to the flag)
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