2020 election pre-nupital
Trump's very quickly running out of options in the courts. My prediction is his last-ditch effort will be to get some electors to flip (they're already working on it), and because we live in a Democratic Democracy most states either don't penalize electors who flip or they do penalize them (with a small fine) but count their faithless vote anyway. It's unlikely but I'd say there's still about a 30% chance Trump gets a 2nd term.
That would be funny
If the Trump campaign manages to flip enough electors to win, we can assume it involves direct threats against their lives, because the way you become an elector is to be the equivalent of an Academy Award jurist but for the party whose candidate you're voting for, in this case, for the Democrats. You might not do what you're supposed to do but if you're one of the people who does anything different, what you choose to do is guaranteed to be pointless and weird by virtue of a life that put you in the position to do it. Biden's electors are the sort of people who paid up to a lot of dollars U.S. to see a guy dressed as James Madison rap about tariffs and denounce Mike Pence from the stage for buying a ticket to a Democrat divorced-dad rally.

Sometimes that makes funny things happen at least. It's for the same reason it's funny to read U.S. Supreme Court decisions on major league baseball, because the foundation of bourgeois democracy's most powerful institutions in the United States is 4th-of-July cosplay. It's often lol & occasionally lmao. What happened to roflmao? We never get one of those anymore, and the lemonade mix they sell at the grocery store nowadays isn't the same as when I was a kid and I can tell.

Anyway that's why in 2016, the "faithless" electors went on the civics-course version of The Gong Show & voted for:

  • John Kasich, the Walter Mondale of the 2016 primaries (elector fired immediately and replaced with one who cast the intended vote for Clinton);
  • war criminal United $naKKKe$ Senator Bernie Sanders (elector said ha ha jk everyone! and replaced the vote with one for Clinton);
  • another pity vote for old man Sanders (Hawaii was going to fire someone but lost out to the statewide 3 pm weed nap);
  • a nonexistent Sanders/Tulsi Gabbard ticket (elector fired immediately and replaced with one who cast the intended vote for Clinton);
  • three votes for Colin Powell by a time-traveling Newsweek office Christmas party from 1996;
  • one vote for Faith Spotted Eagle. Hell, ;
  • a couple people, one from Georgia and one from Texas, who refused to vote for Trump and were instantly replaced by people who voted for Trump; and
  • two Texans who voted for a 1.5-pound belt buckle propped up on a sheet cake.

That was probably the last time anything will ever Own in the Elect-Whore-All Colon of the bad Satan devil bastard country.
why flip electors when you can have the state legislature appoint their own slate after the election result fails to be certified by the deadline
why does anyone do anything

cars posted:

have unfortunately been forced to accept the office of presidence of the United States... not where I wanted to be at the end of 2020 but there it is.

congratulations cars, i'm sure you'll do a great job

*thanks u*

cars posted:

I wonder how many people in the Trump administration realize how badly the justices they put on the Supreme Court want everyone to forget a jabroni like Trump had anything to do with making them unelected United $naKKKe$ dictators-for-life