zhaoyao posted:

wow those are great. the scada system i use looks like shit, runs on windows xp and written in visual basic

update: the scada system at my new job is even fucking worse


tears posted:

went to see this one in person.

A few years ago I saw 'Santiago El Grande' in the Glenbow Museum in Calgary and it was so huge they had to do a little cut-out in the drop ceiling of an already enormous gallery to fit the whole canvas on the wall. Him and Mishima are like 1A and 1B on my list of favourite fascists

what's more embarassing.... double posting or the idea of having a list of favourite fascists. am i right folks?
im not the biggest dali fan but there was an exhibition with some of his paintings here a couple of years ago and what struck me about them that you don't really get just from looking at photos is stylistically he's an almost photographic realist painter. like obviously the imagery is bizarre and dreamlike but the textures and representations of objects etc are extremely realistic, which i don't think is the case for maybe any of the other surrealists.