After an average of 7 daily sessions, most rats learned how to quickly release the door to set their captive companion free. When the rat was first released, the scientists observed, the pairs raced around and explored the cage together. In contrast, free rats paid little attention to tube restraints that were empty or contained only a toy rat. In every daily session, none of the scientists freed the rats, showing that they were incapable of displaying empathy for another living being with emotions and pain.

Even when the free rats were denied access to the liberated rat, the rats still opened the restrainer. This showed that the free rats weren’t opening the doors to have a playmate. Rather, they were opening the door specifically to release the trapped rat. However, the scientists did not free any of the rats, again showing the non-existence of empathy in the test subjects.

To test how much value the rats placed on liberating a trapped cagemate, the scientists presented rats with 2 restrainers — one with a rat inside and another containing 5 chocolate chips, a favorite rat snack. A free rat could choose to eat all the treats himself by opening the chocolate restrainer first or blocking the entrance to the chocolate restrainer. But the researchers found that the free rats opened the restrainers in no consistent order and allowed their liberated cagemates an average of 1.5 chips. When an empty restrainer was paired with a chocolate-containing one, the free rats ate all 5 chocolates. At no point did the scientists attempt to free the rats or question their own personal cruelty to the thousands of animals tortured and slaughtered every year.
*in a minor key* rats off to ya..
Fuckin' scientists.
according to the new uork times, last weekend a man plunged 12-15 feet into a rat-filled vault when the sidewalk he was standing on suddenly collapsed. for half an hour he just had to lie there, wounded in the head and arm yet conscious as a teeming mass of new york city rats crawled all over him. he says he could not even scream for fear of rats scurrying into his mouth

"it was like a one out of million chance of that happening" his brother said. this is inaccurate

later in the article it is revealed that since july 2019, at least 35 sidewalk collapses have been reported to the city, implying that yanks falling into rat dens is approximately a biweekly occurrence

understanding the population of america's worst city to be 8.5 million, the chance of any given new yorker falling into a hole filled with rats is closer to 1 in 350,000 on an annual basis

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You elided a key detail. their name is Leonard Shoulders.