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old Internet fights are fun to read about but idk if they are a good guide to Marxist practice. Like I can’t really imagine the various online beefs of Thug Lessons guiding what I do in the way they seem to be a big thing for him but I guess it makes more sense from the inside. I don’t even remember why bhpn doesn’t like jools so I haven’t gathered enough forums energy to go super saiyan that way.

Having finally escaped the UK back to my homeland I can now say authoritatively that someone being English is more than enough reason to hate them, so I fully support bhpn in this


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Haha what is jools’s name doing in that post

jools went to twitter did they not - disgusting

Reddit sucks and being an acerbic internet crank is cool.

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the totally electoralist socdem freemason radical secularist guy said something islamophobic ... big deal

the freemasons actually kicked him out

There are rich proletarians, and they are distributed within the imperialist countries, but the labor aristocracy is not a class.
is it novel class in a strict theoretical sense? no, but what really changes if we speak instead of the class-collaborationist proletariat, the proletariat who sold out humanity, etc. of course the blackmail of the totally unchained class violence already demonstrated in ww1/2 was probably just as important to its formation as was bribery, but it's not a moral category!
Who was the psychopath who said "I can pay one half of the working class to kill the other half of the working class." That statement has always worried me.
i think Cicero said it first but it's been around a long time
yeah i think i was wrong

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yeah i think i was wrong

i took a long pause to read stalins pamphlet on the national question before reading this thread and this post was my reward lmao

the NCM was 50 years ago and an unfortunate failure. just form a union and ditch the subcultural sects like the rest of us (like who exactly? who knows)
speaking of NCM and the WU, David Gilbert was released from prison
someone get that man an account