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With the assertion that animal liberation begins at the farm, what does that look like in action? What sort of work is done to advance animal liberation and raise the consciousness of humans until we get to the point where we are redistributing land?

If food surplus is the source of class, what does that mean for the construction of a classless society? How does this view on the origination of class interact with feminist theories about the origins of patriarchy and animal liberation theories about the origins of speciesism?
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i don't think presenting land redistribution as a question of prior significance before approaching the development of a militant social movement makes any sense. the reason that the land question was of fundamental importance to the chinese & russian experience was not because of some universal significance of land, but because the exploitation of the peasantry was mediated directly by their relationship with land ownership. this is a social relation that simply does not exist in the imperialist core

this is not the case for the imperialist, developed nations where agricultural labour is exclusively proletarianised and only related to land ownership in the most abstract sense. in the same way that we would not consider the land question as a primary contradiction facing the factory worker just because they do not own the land the factory occupies -- it is their productive relationship with their employer that is the defining form of their exploitation

placing the demands of liberating and distributing land as a primary focus rather than an ongoing result of formation of proletarian revolutionary movement seems entirely ultraleft and adventurist. this declaration of liberating parcels of land as autonomous zones is in fact typical of anarchist and left-communist radicalism. i remember recently you said that the land question was the pressing demand of movements "from occupy to CHAZ," which i do not think is nearly as flattering an example as you intended it to be
i caution against the oversimplification at 1. and 2. implying that indigenous peoples are only hunter/gatherers
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