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i'm half nekkid, wearing a pair of biking shorts that are falling apart... but i look goooooooood
oh no
*squealing horror strings montage of everyone logging in and seeing this thread*
who are the rhizzone wearing?
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Pants: these jeans have a rip in them, I will need to sew this up soon
> Pocket (back, left): Wallet
>> RHS Compartment Slot 1:
>> RHS Compartment Slot 2: Nothing
>> RHS Compartment Slot 3: I don't remember, I think it was some kind of gift card or ID
>> LHS Compartment: ID
>> Main Slot: ones. (I used to have a monopoly 500$ in the back here but I spent it on a hotel)
>> Zipper compartment on back: cardboard (stock)
> Pocket (back, right): handkerchief (green)
> Pocket (front, left): Mask (smells like piss)
> Pocket front, right): Nothing
> Pocket (front, right, inner): lint
>Socks: two (2)
>Toes: toenails
> Belt
>> Belt buckle
> Underwear
> Shirt (I got from work which looks like those hard rock cafe ones)
> Jacket (origin: ??)
Arms: Nothing
Neck: Nothing (yet)
>>teeth fillings or something (3)
>>fractured teeth filling
same ratty h&m bullshit i bought more than a year ago because i dont go outside anymore anyway except to get groceries
Aerdil is wearing giant freaking JNCOs! that's right baby we're bringing back all the classic rHizzonE memes of yesteryear
posting topless due taking off my ratty h&m shirt after reading the first chapter of john smith - imperialism
che guevara t shirt. cargo shorts i took from a pepsi max drinking amerikkkan touri$t in 2018. saw him walking out of a chinese massage salon and garroted him with manila hemp rope because he looked at me the wrong way. took him out so quick he didnt even have time to lose his stiffy. this war trophy, added to the jitters and piercing eyes my morning 4 cups of yerba matΓ© give me, strike fear directly into the guts of imperiali$t agents known as tourists. they know i'm ready for the all-out war
whatever clothes were on the floor that don't smell bad
Speaking of clothes please visit my gofundme so I can buy a pair of pants.
my sugar daddy bought me 2 pairs of yeezys

Skylark posted:

my sugar daddy bought me 2 pairs of yeezys

ha ha ha ha it's williamsburg

i get a new pair of crocs every month from my aspartame daddy
remembering classic Rhizzone poster daddyholes
i opened this thread hoping it would just be post after post of people saying "nothing" and i'm pretty disappointed
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toyot posted:

our ancestors lost their hair because of the invention of clothing right?

probably not, hair loss seems to happened or started happening before you would have expected clothing to be invented. the actual cause of widespread hair loss in human evolution is debated though

aliens implanted us with a twink gene to make us better subs when they come back to bring us communism in 20 years
hairlessness evolved to keep us out of bear court
we're inbetween the hair phase and the feather phase

xxl cargo jort (wide leg)
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toyot posted:


just need to connect a vape and it'll have all the same functionality
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githyanki half-plate

Constantignoble posted: