another fish killing psychopath - next

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someone gave me a goldfish in a bag. Taking care of it is now my mission but I don't have fish stuff. I decant the fish into the upturned cover from a spindle of blank cds. I will get fish stuff and do this right.

you want some tips?

you need to have someone threaten you with a fish tank water filter or something to get it to appear in dreams. or maybe try the pavlovian approach, like have someone show you a water filter everytime they ring a bell and then set the bell to ring while you're sleeping.

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you want some tips?

the thing about dreams is you only get to do them once


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how come when people in real life tell me their dreams I'm bored out of my skull but when people here do it I read every one carefully. Is this prodromal fail AIDS ?

I don't read them

I sometimes dream of stuff happening right now but like it's in the distant past and none of it matters because it happened so long ago and everyone who cared about it is dead.
i slept for 12 hours and had a school dream where i flipped the fuck out at a teacher i didn't like and then quit and left on my bike. it felt very vengeful. i havent been to school in years
sweet dreams
I've had the same reoccurring dream where i'm captain of a smuggling vessel that goes up and down coast from seattle to san fransisco.
what the hell would you need to smuggle from seattle to san fran - they're both equally forsaken. sounds like some goonies shit - next
the doctor is IN
dr. dogballs, that is
i just had a back-in-highschool dream. usually those are rife with anxiety; i still haven't graduated high school even though i have a college degree already, and it's just my own sense of completionism driving me to keep registering every year until i get this stupid accolade, but in the dream i've always missed the whole year's worth of classes already and am completely unprepared for finals

this dream was way better, though. i mean, all the above was technically true, but i didn't care at all, because i was just hanging out alone in the band room, teaching myself to play harp
Had a dream the other night where I was in a self storage unit facility where I was desperately trying to β€œunsubscribe” from various storage units as though they were YouTube channels, as each one had grotesque rotting bodies in them that were still alive.
You should've asked why you were storing them in the first place
*rotting body turns its head towards you, ripping open the throat*
"remember to like and subscribe"
had a very intense, elaborate dream last night that i had accidentally / ill-advisedly brought a suitcase packed with high-end marijuana with me on a trip to japan, while doing a lot of tourist stuff and staying with a pleasant host family. i knew it was sheer chance that it hadn't been found on my way in to the country and i knew i wouldnt be able to fly it back out. so my goal in the dream was to find japanese people who wanted to buy quarter pounds of extremely potent stinky bud. language barrier was very realistic. dream score: 8.5/10
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had a dream last night that follows this pattern of dreams i've been having for the past year and a half according to my dream notebook. in the dream its usually nighttime, although there has been a few instances where it was daytime. im either in public transportation or waiting for transportation at a bus/tramway stop in areas where i hang out or used to hang. sometimes am by myself, sometimes with a friend, but most of the times with somebody i am not on good terms with anymore, since i have a huge proclivity towards burning bridges. then all of a sudden a man, whos physiognomy is identical in all of my dreams, comes out of nowhere to confront me and since i dont back down ends up stabbing me multiple times, with me dropping on the floor and the whole dying process. it doesn't actually hurt, getting stabbed, but the feeling of powerlessness and actually dropping on the floor in shock is pretty nerve wracking.
i don't wake up in sweats or scared or nothing like that though, i wake up like i usually do
i dont recall exactly what i dreamt last night but it was all panic/stress related and i was self-aware i was dreaming the whole time and it sucked. it woke me up a few times because when i went back to sleep i still got the same type of dreams.
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condolences - the rona?
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condolences - the rona?

not sure... had a test yesterday. highly unlikely based on current lifestyle. seems to actually be a neurological issue that triggered a fever. waiting on a different test to confirm that.

i did, however, have a dream last night that i was searching for silver coins in a tide pool on a beach in the middle of the night.

the song for your dream:

i dreamed i was back in the bronx - but the neighborhood didn't look anything like bedford park, it was much hillier and pastel colored. there was a junk shop and there was a mechanical minions type toy, about half my height, out front.

i picked it up in a haze and walked away with it, thinking i'd give it to some young person who i was related to. a few minutes later it turned on and said something like "notifying police. nonpayment. notifying police. nonpayment" and i realized that i indeed had not paid for it. which was an accident i think it was only a few bucks. so i turned around and went back to the story to apologize for my mistake and go pay. when i got there though the clerk pulled it out of my hands and tased me. i remember him putting handcuffs on me as i passed out.
Had a dream that Matt Bruenig interacted on Twitter with someone who had admin rights on the 'zzone and ended up being granted an account. He called himself Matt Happenstance, and his first post was a new thread which was a series of animated gifs depicting the exploitation of Muslim women harvesting sugar cane in Ohio. People were understandably trolling him, but I was preparing to earnestly ask him his thoughts on unequal exchange and the other ways that the Nordic model he loves so much is supported by imperialism. The immense revolutionary potential of converting the internet's most prominent social democrat to Maoism Third Worldism was evidently too great for my brain to handle, and I woke up before the post could be written
I just woke up from a nap from about 9 to eleven. Disappointingly, I still have a headache from being hungover. In the dream I was reflecting on a movie I had recently watched, but as I woke up I had the thought that this movie itself is imaginary. I get the sense I've dreamt about this movie before but I would appreciate anyone giving recommendations for movies similar to this. If it's real, contact me urgently.

Clearheaded, I now realize that this movie is a patchwork combination of other memories and sensations I have and is unlikely to be a real movie which exists in reality.

The movie is directed by Lars Von Trier.

The movie begins when a family arrives at the beach and has a picnic. There's a mom, a young boy, and a few younger daughters. Maybe there's more children. There's a large dog -- a fat golden retriever with gritty hair -- running around although it isn't indicated whether it's a family dog or a stray. The picnic goes well and the family goes down the the shoreline to play at the beach.

As the sun begins to set, the dog lies dead near the shoreline. This is not concerning to anyone, and the boy plays in the sand near the dog. Soon, someone reaches their hand into the dog near it's lungs, ripping the skin and crushnig the ribcage.

The water rises and the sun continues to set. The girls are playing and giggling, which I realize is reminiscent of the young children in Kafka's The Trial who are annoying K. as he is speaking to the painter/expert in his aparment. Although the sky is darker, boy and the dog are now lying in water a few inches deep.

The boy rips open the dog's side and entirely removes the stomach, and whatever other organs connect to it. He bites it. The water surrounding the pair is mixed with blood and other juices. This scene reminds me of the shot from Lars Von Trier's Antichrist, when the fox which is eating its self says "chaos reigns." This is an emotionally cathected moment for me.

I'm showing the movie to my dad, who leaps up at this point and exclaims, "What the fuck? I expected it to be in pretty! This is disgusting! If I wanted ...." as if a movie can be "in pretty" or "in disgusting" just like it can be "in black and white."

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recurring nightmare in which i have moved to the suburbs of tampa florida. not sure how i know its tampa, i never been there. im riding around in a bus trying to figure out where i live, all the houses and apartment complexes are indentical. the bus has a route map that is incomprehensible. i get off at a roadside bus shelter, my bus drives off. the same bus drives by a few min later going the same direction
hurled a garbage can at kissinger during a public address

obama was there too, but for some reason the only other thing i had to throw was a gallon of turkey hill strawberry ice cream. both impacted, so it worked out
i have a gallon of strawberry ice cream that has been half-eaten in my freezer for about 8 months now that i dont want to eat anymore and that i dont want to waste. the image of that thing being thrown and exploding in kissinger's face makes me happy.
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recurring nightmare in which i have moved to the suburbs of tampa florida. not sure how i know its tampa, i never been there. im riding around in a bus trying to figure out where i live, all the houses and apartment complexes are indentical. the bus has a route map that is incomprehensible. i get off at a roadside bus shelter, my bus drives off. the same bus drives by a few min later going the same direction

a bus in tampa? that really is a dream!

legitmately dreamt about being in situations where I needed to remember the name of Doonesbury but couldn't, and was stuck trying to describe Doonesbury to strangers while googling stuff like "garry trudeau comic political" and getting no results
Had another dream wherein my unconscious directs my own movie, and shows it to me.

The title of the movie is a single word, which is vague and difficult to remember (hate when directors do this).

The beginning of the movie is something like Twin Peaks -- our rogue mysterious main character is sent to a rural town in New England. Attractive man with black hair. He's there because his boss told him to go, he doesn't particularly want to be there. He's part of some obscure industry, possibly drug related. His boss is bald and is identical to a coworker of mine.

Spending time in the town, he meets some exotic and quirky characters. One is an old man, mostly bald, who is always carrying a pangolin around the back of his neck. Here's the kicker -- the pangolin is imaginary, and everyone plays along because he's such a nice man. In my brain, the concept of this man comes from two sources: 1. The man looks like the old guy in this video: and the whole "pangolin around his next" is probably related to a man I saw a few years ago walking around a grocery store with a cat relaxing on his shoulders.

The main character wants to stay since he's having such a good time here, and wants to get out of the industry. Around this point, there is a socialist revolution and the territory of the u.s. is reduced to new england. The name becomes "People's Republic of Eastern United States" or whatever. I only remember the "People's republic" part of the name since that's the important point.

Meanwhile, the town has a festival and everyone is rejoicing. The old man, who everyone thought was insane, lets his pangolin slide into his cupped hands. He releases it, realizing his hands are empty, saying "oh... that's what a pangolin is." The man is able to connect on a deeper level with his fellow townsfolk. At this point of the dream, I am in tears. I am bawling at the emotional turnaround this man made.

While tears flood from my eyes, the main character contacts his boss who allows him to stay. I wake up and my eyes are dry, so a new dream achievement i suppose is crying.

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im in middle school during gym class. its raining so we're doing square dancing. apparently im in a religious school run by some obscure christian sufist heresy bc the gym instructors are nuns and are square dances are. well. kids stand in line waiting their turn to dance on 12 dance squares that are each divided into a 4x3 grid, each smaller square has a symbol in it that represents a word. the kid dancing on each grid has to perform a specific set of steps on the grid that represents a prayer. when then finish they move on to stand in line for the next dance square. the older kids are dancing on a larger floor that is all 12 dance squares arranged together. the dance/prayers are the same duration so they all finish their squares at the same time then advance to the next square in sequence to represent some sort of rosary-style extended dance sequence
some doctor type was looking in my waxfilled ears
dreamt that i left my bike somewhere and that it went missing, but unsure if someone stole it, or if they put it back at my house, because i have a large number of almost identical bikes, but i'm sure the one i locked up on the fence in the dream had lights fitted and the closest match in my garage didn't. i'll take this dream as confirmation that i should ride my other, identical bikes more often

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dreamt of past and distant lovers. we embraced warmly, laughed and cried. i awoke alone and felt the tears run cold.
When my brother and I were small children our grandparents had a large boulder in their yard as a sort of decorative landscaping thing. It had a nearly perfect round hole near the base of it on one side. My most vivid dream memory of childhood is us with our grandmother, walking around the edge of the boulder to see a giant grey spider in the hole. The spider never moved, but all three of us made cartoonish reactions to its presence kinda like this:

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new emerging genre of recurring anxiety dreams identified: my late guinea pigs (last one d. 2016) have in fact been alive this whole time, but just severely neglected and in very poor health