He dead.

He had some great ideas

He stood up for what he believed in

He uh... stood up for what he really shouldn't have believed in

He stood up to the CIA rearranging his shoes, I think?

Maybe the coronavirus got him

Maybe eco-friendly lightbulbs microwaved his brain

Whatever got him in the end, the world is a little less funny with him gone.



trakfactri posted:

this is actually a deleted scene from kindergarten cop (1990)

zionist occupied sesame street
was this the peoplescube guy
mistah dees, he dead!
Having the last name Deez has gotta be enough to make you go nuts
Perhaps Infrared Thermal Cameras Were Used To Know I Was Fast Asleep Before Illegally Entering

trakfactri posted:

this was my favorite dees of all time. rip.