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it takes up even more space, but a good way to keep a bus tidy is to only build on one side of it. that way you can always just add extra lanes to the other side when you need them. doubling the length means doubling the amount of belt you need, but that's a one-time cost and you can keep it down by only using red belts. iirc blues are 4x more expensive but only give you 50% more throughput. horrible. to minimize travel time before exoskeletons, I used to build a single train line parallel to the bus so I could zoom along the whole thing. but I haven't built a bus in years

as for everything grinding to a halt once buffers are used up, the way to avoid that is to plan your science builds around 100% uptime. everything else (belts, inserters, etc) is more variable and often idle so that's less important. a target of 60 science per minute (1/s) is more than enough, and you could probably get away with half that. there are sites that will tell you exactly how many buildings and how much of each raw material you need to sustain a given rate, but that's simple enough to work out by hand and it's fun to fill a notebook with calculations and diagrams. once you've done this and know that, say, your green science needs exactly one belt of iron, instead of splitting that from the bus you can simply divert an entire lane. it will never need more, and it must not share. this greatly simplifies your bus, and when generalized the bus disappears altogether

the last thing I'll say is that those electric furnaces with the speed modules have an insane power/plate requirement lol. electric furnaces are already less efficient than coal, and the only time they're really worth using is with production modules. prod modules are king because they let you turn power into free stuff. speed modules turn power into a slight space savings. as a general rule, prod modules go in every factory building and speed modules only go in beacons (because prod modules can't). prod modules can go in labs btw

finally there are trains. idk if you're using them but they're a ton of fun. only really necessary for massively scaling up post-game, but again they're fun. I haven't played openttd since I got factorio in 2014..

I should mention that since modules are so expensive, you should prioritize using them on the most expensive recipes in a chain (usually at the end). when you put prod modules in a lab, you're effectively applying the bonus to every single raw material that went into making every science pack it consumes. to achieve the same effect by sticking modules in furnaces or whatever you'd need roughly 100x more modules. it can still be worth moduling cheaper recipes because the bonuses from every step in a chain are multiplicative, but start from the end

e: I know you weren't asking for advice but I can't resist talking about factorio lol. sushi belts are cool too

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This is all useful... Actually, most of my attempts have been overly reliant on trains and intricate train schedules, on the premise that trains were included because they were a normal part of factories. This map only used one train, because I had resources set up wicked high. Right now I'm still learning all the systems of the game. I haven't even manufactured any robots or used logistics networks at all, or blueprints. I'm still a little shaky on the best way to use rail signals in a given setup. I haven't used nuclear power at all either and my refinery balancing is pretty lousy as well. In this run I'm mainly learning how to use circuit networks effectively. If you log in to the rhizzone chatroom thing you can usually catch me to yell at me about factorio ideas or arrange multiplayer to inspect my slop.
last months tetris games:

231, 50, 25, 44, 0, 6, 18, 37, 24, 22

for an average of 47.5

this months games:

47, 3, 69, 36, 17, 1, 51, 13, 87, 19

for an average of 34.3

verdict; i have not improved
just killed sarevok, that guy had it coming imo
playing dusk. very good
playing siege of dragonspear with an imported character from BG1 is pretty funny in the early parts because i have so many wands of fire, lighting and monster summoning that it plays more like diablo 2
beat dusk. very good
my poor gnome cleric/illusionist failed repeatedly on the final fight in Siege of Dragonspear - A boss with 100%MR, 100%FR, Immunity to < 3+ weapons, improved invisibility cast at will, see through invisibility and infinity spawning demons forced her to use the most powerful bhaalpower of all - lowering the difficulty. I think with a fighter class and deffo with a fighter-spellcaster multi this would be much easier but i just don't currently see how a pure spellcaster can solo this on insane. It feels like the junior version of Ascention-SCS - maybe lower resist + greater malison + doom + polymorph rng could work idk. Im sure its been done but not by me. Overall I rate "Siege of Dragonspear" an N for nerdy crap for losers and like video games in general would not recommend it to anyone
so far a page with nothing but good posts and I had to desotry something beautiful..
let's play a ttrpg

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let's play a ttrpg

uhhh i cast magic missile lol


88888 posted:

drwhat posted:

let's play a ttrpg

uhhh i cast magic missile lol

i cast shield as a reaction, your magic missile impacts harmlessly.
My chain contingecy fires (trigger: when attacked), instantly casting protection from magical weapons, improved invisibility and spell immunity: divination
my regular contingency fires (trigger: chain contingency activated) casting stoneskin
I fire my spell sequencer: mirror image, improved haste and protection from magical energy
I cast time stop and unsheath my katana

Meanwhile, my familiar activates the golem defenses (2 x stone golems, 2 x clay golems, 2 x magic golems) and summons the rest of my party (Halfling F/T, Dwarf F/C, Gnome Assassin, Dwarven Defender, Halfling Bounty Hunter)

nothing personal kid
haha good one folks, I'm the DM welcome to my dungeon. All PCs are 1st-level half-elf apothecaries per Sages & Specialists (1996) (TSR 2164)
a 10th-level Dandy (Dragon #189) approacheth. He would fain receipt 1 Mo. of Beauty Cream (S&S, p. 18) in a fortnyght's tyme. (NO-SHARE link for posters w / o PDF sub) But thou hast yet to research the formula! The Dandy is aflutter. Roll courtliness checks
I have a gun, and I cast "shoot gun". It's super effective
Thy smoke-poulder hast misfired! A cloud of shame envelops your family crest (Half-Elf Heraldry II, xmviii).

cars posted:

haha good one folks, I'm the DM welcome to my dungeon. All PCs are 1st-level half-elf apothecaries per Sages & Specialists (1996) (TSR 2164)

I propose raising capital by selling elf drugs with the comrades of drink your elf to death

fuck thelf police with my dwarven bro from underground
they say i'm half a man, trying to keep apothecaries down
and not a "high" elf so the priests think
they have the authority to ritually bind a minority

but fuck that shit cuz I aint the one
for some punk motherfucker worshipping the sun
to be chanting on, and casting spells
we can go bow to bow in westside rivendell

fucking with me cuz i'm a dark ager
with a little bit of gold and a sabre
beating on a dragon, searching for the wealth
thinking every half elf belongs upon a bookshelf

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drink your elf to death

playing another "visual novel" in my spare time since I liked the last one okay. the first few minutes have the main character say in weird detail, "Our school has an incredible archery range. There's no good reason a school would ever have one like it, so the dean must be a big fan of archery." Cut to 30-minute conversation against a background that's some sunlight-phobic company artist's line-for-line copy of the first photo they found of an archery range in the Google Image Search baby days of the early 2000s, so, like, an Olympics-level indoor/outdoor range the size of a football field. A special kind of lol

cars posted:

Thy smoke-poulder hast misfired! A cloud of shame envelops your family crest (Half-Elf Heraldry II, xmviii).

I cast cry pathetically. I roll so poorly that I fail to cry and get an infection in my tear-duct

i have a salve for that. pay 5 gold (y/n)
you may not like it but this is what peak physical performance looks like

that s a lot of thac0s
Currently working on my nuclear power plant in factorio. Factorio gives you a problem called "kovarex enrichment" that i solved like this:

At point 1, uranium ore is processed into U-235 with 0.7% probability and U-238 with 99.3% probability. at 1a, these products are divided up, with the occasional U-235 sent ahead in the production line and the U-238 stockpiled in a crate. Point 2 is the centrifuge that does the fictional "kovarex enrichment process". The centrifuge consumes 40x U-235 and 5x U-238 and produces 41x U-235 and 2x U-238. So the problem is to always save 40 of the 41 U-235 to be put back into the centrifuge. The crate at 2a is kept filled with 3x U-238, which are dumped onto the belt when it sees the other 2x U-238 removed, so that all 5 units can be fed back into the centrifuge.

I should make a note about circuit networks in the game: there are red and green wires that, when used to connect machines, form the physical infrastructure of a network that carries simple signals. A "network" is a group of machines connected by the same colored wire, so each discrete network carries its own set of signals. These signals consist of a sign or channel - this can be any item (or fluid or gas), or one of many abstract symbols - and a value. A crate, for example, interacts with the circuit network in the following way: it broadcasts each type of content as a signal and the amount of each type of content as the value of the signal. Each machine can connect to one red and one green network, which cannot ever be connected due to their mismatching colors.

The circuit at 2b works as follows: first, there is an output crate that signals its contents to an inserter. If there are more than 40 units (practically, when there are 41 units) of U-235 in the crate, the inserter activates and removes 1 at a time until there there not more than 40 (practically, it removes the 41st unit). The inserter places its bit of U-235 on a transport belt that carries it away; the transport belt also sends a signal whenever it sees a piece of U-235.

This signal goes to the decider combinator on the right (there are three total, between 2b and 2c). Decider combinators receive signals at their inputs, and send a signal at their outputs based on comparing the values of a signal they received, either to constant integers or the value of another signal. If the decider combinator on the right is told there's a piece of U-235 on the transport belt, it broadcasts a signal of S=1 to the decider combinator on the bottom at 2c. This signal means "Set".

If the combinator on the left sees that the original Kovarex output chest has zero U-235 in it, it broadcasts a signal of R=1 to the combinator on the bottom. This signal means "Reset."

The decider combinator on the bottom takes advantage of having two network inputs to each machine, and takes advantage of our ability to wire a combinator's output to its input. This is essentially, intentional hysteresis. This combinator watches for S>R to be true, and if it is, it outputs a signal of S=1. It then receives its own output signal of S=1, which means that it reads an input total of S=2. This means that when we reach a condition where the right combinator is broadcasting S=1 while R=0 (which only happens for a moment, when a bit of U-235 lands on a transport belt and there are still 40 pieces in the output crate), the combinator on the bottom continually tells itself that S=1 even after the combinator on the right has stopped, but when R=1 again (the output crate is empty), it forgets that S=1, because it was the only thing claiming that S=1 and it only believed that back when S>R.

This signal is then monitored by the white inserter below the output chest. The inserter only turns on when S>0. The effect is that the white inserter waits until one of the 41 pieces of U-235 has been siphoned off before it activates and removes the other 40, and then it deactivates in preparation for the next cycle.

The next problem I am trying to solve with circuit logic is balanced reactor fueling. Although I can produce more U-235 reliably with the kovarex circuit, it's still pretty valuable. Among other things, it gets turned into fuel cells to be used by the reactors at 3a. The reactors consume one fuel cell in 200 seconds, no matter how much power is drawn from them. Heat exchangers at 3b produce 500 degree steam, which is turned into power by steam turbines, and can also be stored for future use in tanks at 3c. The goal here is to feed one, and only one power cell to the reactors when stockpiled steam is running low or when the temperature of the heat exchangers is in danger of falling below 500 degrees. I think I've come up with a good approach now that I've typed up this post, but I will have to update later if I don't starve to death or have a psychotic break with reality.

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i'm finally giving final fantasy vii (switch port) an earnest go. it's ok but not mindblowing..? these days i mostly use JRPG grinding as a way to set aside time for checking out music i've been meaning to

project idea: cyclonopedia but find/replace petroleum to Mako
NB: i have not finished cyclonopedia either. which thing will i complete first in 2021??
we should have all the rhizzone game devs collab to make the Cyclonopedia JRPG...

I'll makepretend to admin the web site

shriekingviolet posted:

we should have all the rhizzone game devs collab to make the Cyclonopedia JRPG...

Are you tired of games that do not have everything you want? I know I am. For example: Guild Banks. Who creates a game but does not give you access to the bank right away? All of the current games, that’s who. It’s sad.

The Cyclonopedia video game is Final Fantasy X-2, a post-structuralist meditation on global media notoriety. I will not be taking questions

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i'm finally giving final fantasy vii (switch port) an earnest go. it's ok but not mindblowing..?

imo "not mindblowing" is exactly what you want from that series (Final fantasy 6 and 7, the two best games in it).

Final Fantasy X-2 is the one game in the main line of the series that presents anything truly surprising or revelatory to the player through harmony of story and mechanics, engaging through deceptive commercial charm and paying off that engagement many times over, fine-tuning to near-perfection the underlying systems it adopts from its predecessors at the same time it employs them as a means of incisive auto-critique. It's a little too good at its job to be a video game and that's why it's only the 3rd best in the series despite its massively superior ratio of kawaii (cute) costumes per character.

can sumebuggy repost the "zero results" foia request about the LF goonproject pls

iirc 'feeding ham 2 cats' posted about getting a visit from the secret service when he said he lived in DC and was going to shoot down air force one with an rpg. not lf but twisty also got an interview, at the conclusion of which the agent, while walking out the door, turned back and said 'you really are a twisted aristocrat.' in any case lf was deleted because they couldn't find anyone to mod it
it is the duty of every LF poster past present and future to repeat the truth that original Something Awful Laissez's Faire subforum was shut down by the government because it was going to shoot President Barack Obama with a rocket propelled grenade.