hi im jonny knoxville and welcome to jackass

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who is this? anyway she looks like a competent gamer and i wish her well on her gaming journey

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:marxofreud: what are some video games with cigars in the video game
ach! patroooling the loches and moores makes ye wish fo a independence from "great" britian.

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:marxofreud: what are some video games with cigars in the video game


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grow up.

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:marxofreud: what are some video games with cigars in the video game


i used to be obsessed with this video, because i am normal
kup teraz.
they are making The Matrix 4.

Ive still been savescumming xcom 2 and having a ball. Its almost as good as using wikipedia when im doing a crossword, what a rush
If anyone here is good at CS and lives in North America add me


and let's play until I'm living with my girlfriend again and have no free time
pathologic 2 was real good. might do another run soon because, well, you know
i watched a video about that and it sounds conceptually cool but also im probably never going to play it myself unless it, like, comes to ps4 extremely cheaply or something, because i probably wouldn't last five minutes
video game
its STALKER-Fallout-ATOM all in one

ready to play a lot of video game over the next few weeks, 2020. downloaded: battlezone 98 redux (and the original, which i played nonstop as a kid), a chess learning software, and started working on a new factorio map.

the original battlezone graphics are fantastic and the overall gameplay is much nicer than the re-release. the new one is cool but has much more of a halo 3 feeling which sort of sucks. still love getting to play as the USSR and listen to my comrades provide information with a very spanish-sounding russian accent. spain should've been part of the USSR. everything should have been the soviet union.
playing oblivion.... starting to think there is something suspicious going on in the land of oblivion!!
They say syndicates of wizards white supremacists have imposed a tariff on goods coming from the Land of China
im playing Skyrim again... pretty good. you go to the city where the nationalist insurgency is using the morrowind ghetto to gin people up and then down the road in the wilderness you find a crumbling memorial that says, the king of Skyrim welcomes all the refugees from morrowind and hopes they have a good time here.
the plot of Skyrim is that god sent his oldest son to hang out on earth for a million years until it was time to eat the world. Instead the son got all his brothers together and took over the world because that seemed like a better idea than all of them just wandering around pointlessly like assholes. Then his younger brother betrayed him and got some people together, they yelled so loud at the bad son that he traveled through time. when he reappeared in the future he tried to take over the world again. But god knew that would happen so he made a baby with a mortal, so he could turn the baby into a hit man to kill his son. That way the son would go back to his original job of ending the world like god wanted. You play the hit man baby and may be a kitty cat if you like.
everyone say play disco elysium, the cop-man game. im not gonna
I didn't say that so now you have to
i will not
I didn't finish cop game but what I played was the best game writing I've read. but that's like saying it was the best dog shit I've ever eaten.

still tho, really primo dog shit
I wonder sometimes why there is still such a low bar for "good writing" in video games. It's not necessary to have much of a script at all for a quality game or a financially successful one, but this is now a vastly profitable luxury industry that must have a fair number of well-read, over-qualified writers working within it. Even after the rise of low-initial-cost battle-royale money vacuums, most AAA titles are still expected to feature lengthy single-player or co-op story campaigns, and story is a major focus for critics and word-of-mouth reputation among consumers. Even in series such as CoD that live and die by multiplayer, it's obvious many writers very much want to be writing movie scripts. Of course most writing is going to be bad in the medium, just like it is in movies, but movies recognized by critics as coming from quality scripts tend to be way better written than video games recognized as the same.

It might be because of the unstable model of employment in the industry, where writers who just broke in are on the chopping block and the talented ones are overstretched on many projects, or maybe it's because the past extremely low pedigree of the medium means video game criticism is still dominated by people whose idea of good writing is Joss Whedon and other middlebrow genre TV, people who don't really know the difference between melodrama/rapid pacing and a story that's well-written overall. Who knows.

What I do know is that a lot of people either deny there's a low bar or offer overconfident explanations that don't really explain it, and most of the games praised for their writing are really being praised for stuff like, "my favorite character cries in a cut scene", "has a Tales From The Crypt twist at the end" or "gives the perfect experience of living under a specific real-world political system, which I can confirm thanks to the allegorical YA sci-fi novel I was forced to read in high school". Recently, there's also "it's real fucking depressing but I can't stop playing", which is like saying a slot machine in a 24-hour gas station is well-written, the original meaning of "the gaming industry". And yeah the purpose of the industry as a money-maker is similar and hell, some slot machines have cut scenes now, but the people who rate slots on YouTube don't tend to treat them as a make-or-break element in their reviews.
there is also the Roger Ebert explanation, which is that writing in video games will always be bad because something can't be art if a dramatic or even comedic narrative can be interrupted by you, the consumer, slamming the protagonist's face into a wall 69 times because, for instance, you suck at the video game. Like, there is interactive art, but it contains its possibilities as part of the piece and will be judged on that, while the judgment of a video game's story is usually governed by elements treated by the project as divorced from interactivity, cut-scenes or events during play the player is supposed to be barred from affecting, and players can always affect them anyway by failing to progress until all tension or timing is lost. You can pause a movie but you're usually not "supposed" to by the convention under which it's an art form. You also usually can't make the movie's POV character go fishing for 18 hours straight in real time right before the climax.

I don't know if there's a good argument against that yet, but I think one of the reasons Silent Hill 2's story is still so far above most video games despite some crappy dialog is because it came from a time when designers couldn't put something behind every door in a realistic-looking apartment building, and they designed a game where most players will start to feel a little bit of relief when they can't open a door and their progress is interrupted. Like, there's one very famous old-school adventure-game puzzle in Silent Hill that grinds a lot of players to a halt for hours trying to find the solution if they don't want to look it up online, but when they solve it, it leads to one of the game's most effective deliveries of, Yeah it's rewarding when you make progress but that wasn't exactly confetti and balloons in that room was it.
i think most game writing is bad for probably similar reasons that most contemporary genre fiction is bad: the people that write it only read stuff from their own area of work(sci fi, or videogames) and there has been this kind of insular loop where everything becomes stupider and more self referential as new writers in these areas are only ever reading the previous generation of writers in the same areas rather than reading broadly.