(Anticipated) and a Happy New Year
no times and seasons. merry ordinary moments of each day
a blessing of peace to all y'all and yours. And a cruel death to your enemies
merry fucking christmas to you and yours

ialdabaoth posted:

no times and seasons. merry ordinary moments of each day

thanks neil deGrasse tyson

remem,ber when belpheor was a nice poster? and now look at them. covered in scabs. red with green ooze... festive stuff. my blessing upon all yall labors proportionate to the extent they serve G-d and the church. and in 2020 ease up off the drugs, all your moms are worried
remeber when samwpman wasn't a big grumpous. no
btw dtyd is open all day december 25, special posting hours for the holiday. post anytime u like. post in weed thread when ever you want, check out the special holiday cocktails recipes (natty nog is by personal fav), feel free to make a new thread about the latest gibsonesque designer drug, its all good
merry xmas you filthy animals

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i would like to wish a merry Christmas to all the posting comrades, gamers and ships at sea
just put these two beats together in my head. merry christmas.

happy holidays you ornery goblins. wishing you joy and peace and all that twee shit :)
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Whats that
a very good investment opportunity if you have some surplus capital kicking around
I apologize if I posted........... mooseinformation
the moose is loose

swampman posted:

Whats that

about 2,4 million roubles