can't spell "hollow", without lol.
Economist on suicide watch.
the epic victory of assad over terrorism and imperialism is actually epic fail!
I can’t wait for the next few iterations of this headline:

“Assad proclaims victory in Idlib. But at what cost?”

“Assad’s ‘successful’ negotiations for the reintegration of Rojava reveals the deep weakness of the Syrian state”

“Turkey withdraws from Syria as the Assad war machine rolls in. How this could spark further conflict between the regime and the people”

“Syria’s reclamation of pre-civil war territory was against all odds...and the will of the people”
sad thing about this is it's not over :(
its ok but i prefer dota 2, tbh mobas arnt really my thing

post the editorial board so we can have a deathwatch at least
Would love to see the finger pointing going on about this fuckup.
This is some real abstract shit!

Economist is LOL

Populares posted:

Would love to see the finger pointing going on about this fuckup.

you've been living it for the last 3+ years. it started with State Department grumbling over Russia for Syria/Ukraine, it reaches its apotheosis with Kamala Harris blaming people pointing out her record as a prosecutor on dastardly Russian agents


trakfactri posted:

hate it when editorial boards subtly work their fetishes into their work

the only victory The Economist has is holo-victory.. that is right... a fictional victory like the holodeck device of the starship Enterprise!!!!!