Back in 2016, Emma Best filed a FOIA request for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s files on the infamous white supremacist website Stormfront. After two and half years of processing, the FBI finally responded, releasing just 104 pre-processed pages.

What’s more, according to the cover letter accompanying the release, there were additional records, but the Bureau simply couldn’t find them.

Sounds like the stalled long enough to get together the bare minimum, and probably barely had any files to begin with
Someone went to grab the requested files but slipped and dropped them in a trash can and when they landed their zippo flew out of their pocket and landed in the trash can on top of the documents and the impact opened it, sparked and lit the papers on fire and there was just nothing they could do to save them. Really they're just as disappointed as we are but what can you do?
nazis lose files on nazis, more nazis at eleven

Belphegor posted:

Sounds like the stalled long enough to get together the bare minimum, and probably barely had any files to begin with

does it?

Because there seems to be some confusion: the reason the FBI “lost” its files on Stormfront is because Stormfront is FBI and FBI is Stormfront.
This is just like when the CIA 'lost' its rhizzone files. Oh how we laughed here at the langley posting palace
how many of the 104 pages are payroll data
Oops! All Nazis®
MuckRock has a ton of files on William Pierce from the 1970s which are kind of interesting to read. Hundreds of pages of reports culled from informants. Reminds me of the tabletop role-playing game Paranoia where the players are all task force agents working for The Computer in a dystopian future city but are also members of underground societies comprised solely of spies from different agencies spying on each other. A lot of the entries read like "REDACTED stated that REDACTED is concerned about PIERCE'S shift in his newsletters towards statements of a more militant and/or revolutionary nature but REDACTED continues to report that PIERCE has no real interest in expanding outside the Metropolitan Washington Area at the moment which he sees as the best location to increase financial contributions." I didn't know this but he was running a bookstore in Georgetown and a newspaper called "Attack" distributed from around 80 racks in the D.C. area in the mid-70s.

I suppose it mostly sounds familiar seeing this burst of bonehead activity in the past few years. Pierce is remembered in the hard fash scene as the biggest ubermensch they've produced since Hitler, but he comes across as a guy who was holed up in his bookstore making megalomaniacal plans that involved... writing letters to the Saudi and Soviet embassies about forming a united front against Israel -- which is something he tried to do -- but went nowhere beyond receiving the standard reply: "Thank you sir for the letter, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / etc. respects the national self-determination of all peoples based on the principle of mutual cooperation..."

One of Pierce's buddies, a Hungarian fascist emigre named Geza Matrai, assaulted Kosygin during a visit to Ottawa. The New York Times reported at the time that Matrai was a member of the "Canadian‐Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation."

The feds say Matrai was in the Edmund Burke Society which was a Nazi front group that took over the Ontario Social Credit Party, got purged by the national party and then self-destructed, reforming as the Western Guard Party which was headed up by Paul Fromm -- this guy is a long-time Canadian suit-and-tie Nazi in the Council of Conservative Citizens. The guy who runs the CCC today is Earl Holt III of Missouri who lists himself as a self-employed "slumlord" in campaign donations to Republican politicians who sometimes pop in for speaking events. You can draw a direct line from this scene and Fromm (who had a Stormfront radio show) to Faith Goldy who received three percent of the vote in the 2018 Toronto mayoral elections.

The files also contain lots of copies of Attack (I'm assuming the cops were showing off their work to their peers) which I wouldn't recommend reading unless you want insight into the insane rigmarole of fascist ideology... 70s style. Like, they opposed Kissinger's nomination to secretary of state (because he's Jewish) and were "anti-war," then they opposed the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Cambodia (!!!) which they said was another Jewish plot to prevent white troops "from getting the job done" and yada yada. Nixon was a sellout they say but the Watergate scandal which brought him down was also a Jewish plot, etc. Pierce's paper also spent a lot of time pissed off about negotiations involving handing over official control of the Panama Canal.

The fash right seemed more explicitly anti-Israel though in those days and faced a much greater street threat from the ultra-right-wing Jewish Defense League who would bust their heads in with big clubs when given the opportunity. But it seems like there has been convergence here since then, as the JDL in Toronto lined up behind Goldy's mayoral election.

She's also known for going on livestreams hawking books by Corneliu Codreanu of the Legion of the Archangel Michael whose men skinned Jews and hanged them from meathooks. She also went to Charlottesville for the attempted pogrom there to wax about a "rising... white racial consciousness" while getting paychecks from the ultra-right-wing Zionist propagandist Ezra Levant who was likewise getting paychecks from the Canadian oil and gas industry.

My feeling is that Pierce never really accomplished anything beyond inspiring skinhead youth to commit hate crimes, and could only be used like this, because he was too obsessed with medieval swordplaying and the idea that ideology or the "white race" or whatever exists on some kind of abstract plane instead of just a network of material relations and the immaterial relations produced by them and mediated by social infrastructure (parliaments, cops, etc.)
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has anyone made a foia request for the rhizzone yet
380716 pages

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has anyone made a foia request for the rhizzone yet

foia just for tpaine's posts

*sunglasses hover down onto face* Load the Tuppins file.
T-files, i want to believe.