so I'm really obsessed with getting a better insight into Bronze Age regional trade networks as well as particular forms of social stratification and class emergence from then through to the early Roman empire. also a bit more about non-euro societies but frankly eurocentrism IS FINE theres a wealth of #content to get through

Can I have some recommendations for texts that cover antiquity through a marxist lens? pretty please friends. plss
yeah man im excited Imperator: Rome is out too
Haven't read it, but check out The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World by G. E. M. de Ste. Croix.
i've been meaning to read perry anderson's passages from antiquity to feudalism again because i'm much more prepared these days for its content. i remember being impressed, but not much more than that...
I’ve read both of these and recommend them. Passages is more digestible and short (and it really shines only when you read Lineages of the absolutist state where he ties everything together), de ste Croix’s book is exhaustive and he cites like every extant scrap of papyrus which can be either tedious or really interesting depending on what he’s talking about.

Both of these books work off A.H.M. Jones’ book The Later Roman Empire which I have only partially read but if you want a big 1000 page tome on the economy of later antiquity go for it I guess
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yeah man im excited Imperator: Rome is out too

concerning this dumb mther fuckre..

recently came across a reference to this old book called 'studies in ancient greek society' by george thomson which claims to be a marxist analysis of ancient greece. ive no idea how good it is but its freely available on archive dot org so go nuts: https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.282877/page/n9