i just rewatched oceans 13 this past weekend and i would watch at least two more of that movie, probably

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i just rewatched oceans 13 this past weekend and i would watch at least two more of that movie, probably

Try Oceans 11 and Oceans 12. Very similar in concept and execution.

what about oceans 9 11
We already had that it was called Vice.

It seems like Silvercorp has the skillset necessary to handle this in-house

Once the corporate decision-makers begin to interface with the local law-enforcement agencies, strategies will be proposed

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thats nice of them that they have an objective of assuring that hostages will survive. that's a high bar for a corporation to clear.
i'm the giant sign that reads "socialist fisherman's house" in the background
2010s - Assad Curse

2020s - Maduro Curse??

Muduro Madness - the result of damage caused by a a virile variant of brain worms.
starting to think old nicky ain't the bumbling oaf we are led to believe!
No, you just have to get some of those cool guns that don't need to reload, and remember to duck and squint a lot while Maduro's goons shoot at you but never hit you

United $nakkke$ is sending U.S. Army SFAB “military advisors“ to the Colombia/Venezuela border next week
good lord he is just an animal

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AXIOS Exclusive: Trump cold on Guaidó, would consider meeting Maduro

If Maduro can get in the same room with Trump it's all over

the "leftist case for trump" is that global south leaders can buy like a week's respite of the imperial eye of sauron by meeting with trump and telling him they've seen the apprentice. Lyin Univision (owned by the failing NBC) has treated poor Nicolas very badly. Sad!
GOON PROJECT: Get Michael Parenti a 30 Minute Meeting With Donald Trump To Tell Him About The Deep State
It's a week old but Venezuela bagged another gringo, this time in Maracaibo. The whole story is out there, although the the U.$. media has been playing dumb, the dude got doxxed hard. Ex-marine, worked for a CIA contractor and was on a snoop and sabotage mission with an AT-4 and an Uzi like Chuck Norris in the 80s.

The Uzi is kinda odd... again it's Chuck Norris from Delta Force. He just needed the motorcycle that shoots rockets. Speaking of that, there was a guy named Richard Meadows who was one of the founding (actual) Delta Force guys back in the 70s who went on a snooping mission in Iran near the embassy and was in charge of getting the vans together that would move the troops from the Eagle Claw desert base into Tehran, but you know what happened. His job was to set it up for the follow-on fuckery:

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United $nakkke$ is sending U.S. Army SFAB “military advisors“ to the Colombia/Venezuela border next week

Guiado's fake UK ambassador, Disney-villain-face Vanessa Neumann, just resigned, right before the National Assembly elections. Ben Norton is predicting that Guiado's done and the U.S. are going to hitch their wagon to some other horse in the epic quest to epically destroy Venezuela.

If it's true then comedy has lost a great one. It's hard to choose a favorite Guiado moment. There's the one where he declared to the people around him that they were all Marvel Comics superheroes. Or when his wife showed up to the White House without her wedding ring on and Trump started schoolgirl gossiping about them behind their backs. Or the one where "Guiado Has Failed Once Again" in Venezuelan Spanish became a trending hashtag on Twitter. So many great little tidbits and morsels of this little sad man Guiado.

My favorite though is probably the one where the big Guiado death-squad war was supposed to kick off that would overthrow democracy and put him into power. But it turned out all the people supposedly there to fight for Guiado had been told they were there for a completely different reason. So everyone just shrugged and left.

I want to see the transcript of the meeting, I want to see the PowerPoint slide where someone was like, And once they're there they'll all be COMMITTED, there pretty much HAS to be a civil war or like............. awkward. And everyone there said oh no oh yeah that makes sense, it do be like that.......
this article says that maduro's government has started to make allegations that the Venezuelan communists are agents of US imperialism at the same time as they're having meetings with the business union that was involved in the various past coup attempts: https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/15124
is anyone familiar enough with the current situation to provide insight into what's going on?
Bolivia news:

it's cool that when stuff like this happens the dirty fucking rats in the news refer to her as an "ex-president" conveniently omitting the details of how she got there to try and convince people that Bolivia's actually elected government arresting a coup leader is an ~attack on democracy~
aw dang now the duly elected dictatorship is going to politically prosecute her just for presiding over a military coup, protecting mass murderers from prosecution and disappearing political opponents
on closer inspection, it appears to be a bed boxspring with a storage cubby. so she's hiding under the bed, which is much funnier. to me.

As President-in-Charge, but also as a Venezuelan, and above all as a human being, I want to responsibly inform the country that, after four days of quarantine as a result of some discomforts and despite having taken precautions, I have tested positive for Covid-19.