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The contemporary United Kingsom is but the discarded snake skin of the spirtual Albion . Everyone knows the real Britain is Amerikkka.

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the flyer of that drone has done more to prevent genocide than any single person up to this point ever
the most British part of that linked panic attack is that one of the very first stories on the timeline is about some group of moms saying the drone is Good because airplanes are loud and everyone booing them
for posterity

hot new revolutionary strategy: get a bunch of somewhat intelligent people in a room who are willing to think up and put into action very illegal, yet elegant and simple plans to throw complex systems into disarray, thereby ushering in the collapse of imperialism, at least for a couple hours.
drone signals cant be jammed or traced by any method known to man

i'm the person under the coat


the perfidious slav, at it again
they literally arrested the first person they found in the immediate area who had a picture of himself with a drone on facebook or whatever. hahhahahahahhaha

Drones were sighted buzzing around the airfield more than 50 times, forcing the government to bring in specialist military resources to help counter the threat.

But Detective Chief Superintendent Jason Tingley told the BBC police had not obtained footage of a drone and there was "always a possibility" the sightings of drones were mistaken.

if there was no drone then how did The Army used a cutting-edge £2.6 million Israeli anti-drone system to defeat the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that brought misery to hundreds of thousands of people at Gatwick airport ? ?

Very carefully.
not very carefully
It's now being claimed that a police "miscommunication" is responsible for this, which, well, yknow, it's pretty funny when cops get to such an advanced stage of poop butt that they'll accidentally commit economic terrorism from itching too hard, but also, kind of frightening
prediction: i now think theresa may get enough people to vote for her brexit deal - because i think enough mps will buckle when the choice is deal or no deal (classic uk game show deal or no deal featuring noel edmonds reference), thus averting mass starveation on the streets of the Royal UK's Kingdom of Britain for a few more years, sorry to everyone who was banking on this

also the queens creepy old husband almost killed two people by ramming their car in his armoured rangerover a couple of weeks ago in a real life commedy scetch about brexit