strap a gopro to my head & follow me around all day while i mumble narration
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The 3rd Day: A talk show in which the rich are crucified along the interstate and famous rich celebrities give interviews on the third day of them being crucified.
Explosive Poker
They should bring back the Showtime male prostitution docu-series Gigolos
a game show where contestants have to run around a crowded shopping mall or amusement park guessing which white guys are rocking a hitler 'stache under their masks
every beetle, RANKED!
wrong thread this is for bad ideas
Brown Moses: battlefield reporter
the yeet seat: a quiz type show where the money and difficulty doubles every question and if you get a question wrong a trebuchet throws you into a cinder block wall
Iraq War sitcom
All-female remake of the Showtime reality docu-series Gigolos
a reality show following twitch streamers' daily life during the pandemic

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Every Person Tier List
A show about a guy who unwraps Magic: the gathering card packs on Youtube and the season finale is him getting two super rare foil cards in one pack. ("Foil" cards were precious cards that looked like regular cards but had a shiny finish as though they were made from precious aluminium foil.)
someone with a blue/translucent/hovering ghost effect on them at all times explains the latest toy and candy products, on a haunted house set
local lutheran helmut guntler reads out 100 reasons explaining his recent conversion to catholicism over stock footage of video games
A show called "That's Right, The News" and you go around with a mob of 50-70 heavily equipped paparazzi hounding minor government officials over petty abuses of power. I want boom mics and inappropriately hot key lighting

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The names of the top thousand consumers of diet coke with liters consumed are displayed one at a time for a half hour, with the implication that they are under the protection of the coca cola secret police
The Red-Green Show. Can a Marxist-Leninist and liberal market ecofascist really make a marriage work...?
As a kid me and my dad would watch that together. Nice to see it's entirety on youtube.
rotated: an informative show demonstrating all the ways people can rotate
a team of hot women travels back in time to replace the spartan phalanges at thermopylae with the toughest texas gunfighters to ever live
An anime which follows the day to day life of a texan man who sells propane.
A thick hotelier takes on a group of apprentices who compete at the art of hotel management. Each episode he tells one apprentice, "You're foyered," which means you are now good enough at running a hotel to supervise a busy hotel foyer.
A TV show in which attractive women are stripped of their clothes through extreme mishaps in front of me, they quickly cover themselves. But it's too late I've seen everything.
What if there was a tv show where they just follow me around and ask me my opinion on various matters. And then edit it in an engaging way.

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What if there was a tv show where they just follow me around and ask me my opinion on various matters. And then edit it in an engaging way.

big brother but for hikikomori
A small mini fridge that is made to fit inside your normal sized refrigerator to keep your beverages "double cold". This one is more of an idea for a product.