didn't do anything last decade, or the decade before that, or the one before that, or the one before that, or when they figured out there were feedback loops in the 1970s, when they reconfigured imperial strategy to acquire it in the 1980s, when they calculated it might move more rain to the northern latitudes, dry out the equator and make a bit of local profit, with the advance of climate model precision in the 2000s. when did they decide to demonstrate the air was their property too? add it to amerika's crime pile

fixing climate change fundamentally is not their class's decision to make, okay? the historical role is ours. look, we're going to have to disable the rigs and refineries eventually anyway, whether you still think they're going to ask us to, or not. it's not like their class has any idea what the valves in them do! you think a cop's going to come in and disable them for you? how's he going to sign his name on the SOP?

boss expects you to act to his wishes anyway, without having to be asked all the time -- just get a jump on it.
climate change is emotional labor
climate change requires the synchronized forced labor of millions
They're banking on climate change a third world war, to somehow avoid having to pay their employees.
these white bourgeoisie characters sound like real pieces of work.. someone should do something about them
as a labor aristocrat, i